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Corporate entertainment your guests will NEVER forget.


"Stephen was the highlight of our annual event! His stunning Hosting and Close up magic kept everyone entertained and amazed throughout the night. Our team hasn't stopped talking about the event - thank you Stephen for making it unforgettable!" - Snowflake Software

To be successful, your event needs to be different ​

You want your guests to be talking about it afterward... And of course, you want everyone to have a great time, to feel looked after, and to get a great impression of you and your company Stephen Simmons will tick ALL those boxes for you


Thank you for hosting at our corporate event ... having Stephen as the emcee & mixing with the guests to show them his unbelievable skills topped off the evening wonderfully. A truly talented showman. It was all everybody could talk about Monday morning.” 

Stephen Simmons performing a close-up magic trick with cards_

There are good reasons why more people are hiring magicians And emcee's for their events. ​

Magical entertainment is hard to beat. 

Getting everyone laughing

Breaking the ice

Bringing the party together

Watch Stephens Stage show






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