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Magical Wedding Emcee

Love, joy, and wonder

TWIA Winner
Stephen Simmons magician and wedding emcee

See Stephen in action

Magical Wedding Emcee & magician

"The best investment we made on our wedding day!"


Are you looking for a stress free and unforgettable wedding day?


I am a wedding magician and emcee. My mission is very ensure your wedding day runs smoothly, everyone has a great time, so you can relax knowing your guests are being looked after and will remember your wedding day  for all the right reasons. 

I am a magical host who will make all of the big announcements on the day, keep the entire day on track AND keep everyone entertained along the way. 

Wedding magician Stephen Simmons
wedding magician and emcee Stephen Simmons

Claire Hardington

"You were entertaining, fun sociable and everyone loved it!  it wouldn't have been the same without you!  Thank you so much" 


wedding magician Stephen Simmons

Simon Shaw

"Absolutely brilliant!  You left all of our wedding guests speechless. Best magician I have ever seen. I would highly recommend you!"


Stephen Simmons performing wedding magic.jpg

Em Brady

"Thank you for the fantastic work you did at our wedding... You were absolutely fantastic, friendly and everyone loved your magic! "


Watch The Magical Wedding Emcee

Modern Toastmaster

Like a traditional toastmaster, but without the red suit and gavel.


I welcome guests, introduce the key stages of the day and make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. 

Add to that a quirky sense of humour and mind bending magic tricks...and you have a perfect combination of relaxed vibes, humour and organisation that brings all sides of the family together.

Stephen Simmons performs wedding magic during the wedding breakfast

Watch The Big Entrance


"Stephen is an incredibly charismatic and professional Magician.

He was the magical Emcee for my wedding (I highly recommend him for this role) and every single guest I spoke to comment on how brilliant he was. 

He entertains and engages all ages and demographics and brings a lot of energy, amazement and laughter to the whole day.

Cannot recommend him enough! - CHRIS AND HELEN HADDON

Let’s keep it simple.
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What are the package options?

Stephen Simmons wedding magician and host

VIP Package: Full Day Emcee 

Transform your wedding day into an enchanting experience with Stephen's VIP Full Day Hosting.


From the moment your guests arrive at the venue to the spectacular announcement of your first dance, every detail will be infused with charm, humor, and impeccable timing.


This all-inclusive package covers:


Guest Arrival Welcome: As your guests arrive, Stephen will be there to greet them with a warm smile and engaging charm. Acting as the perfect ice-breaker, he ensures everyone feels instantly welcomed, setting a joyous and inviting tone for the day.


Day-Long Announcements: Smooth and timely announcements throughout the day, keeping guests well-informed and ensuring they are always in the right place at the right time.


Stunning entrances: Elevate your wedding with not just one, but two grand entrances. The first marks the beginning of the wedding breakfast, setting a high note for the day. The second, a spectacular "re-entrance" into the evening reception, ensures that both day and evening guests are equally immersed in the excitement and energy of a rock star welcome.


With your choice of music, we can create an unforgettable atmosphere. Imagine the whole bridal party being introduced in style – it's the ultimate entrance experience that will have everyone talking!


Close-Up Magic Delights: Captivating close-up magic during the drinks reception and at the tables during the wedding breakfast, creating a sense of wonder and excitement.


Interactive Entertainment: Engaging games like Photo Dash, Stephen’s Finish the Lyrics Game, and Mr & Mrs, expertly hosted to maximize guest enjoyment.


Pre-Speech Energizer: A lively magic show before the speeches to transition guests from their post-meal relaxation into a mood of anticipation and excitement.


Welcoming Evening Guests: Special attention to evening arrivals, making them feel instantly part of the celebration. Comprehensive Event Planning: From timeline creation to execution, ensuring your day unfolds flawlessly.


Personalized Pre-Event Meetings: An initial in-person or Zoom meeting, plus unlimited planning calls, to align our visions and plans.


Professional PA System: High-quality sound for all announcements and ambient music requirements. Tailored Daytime DJ Services: Curated music selections for key moments throughout the day, from the ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast.


With Stephen's VIP Full Day Wedding Emcee Package, your wedding is guaranteed to be not just a day to remember, but a seamless and magical experience from start to finish. Let every moment be a celebration, leaving you and your guests with memories to last a lifetime.

Diamond package: Half day Emcee

From Elevate the post-ceremony celebrations and wedding breakfast with Stephen's Half Day Emcee package, designed to infuse your special day with enchantment and elegance. Starting from the drinks reception and concluding at the end of the meal, this package includes:

Grand Entrance to the Wedding Breakfast: Kick off the meal with a bang! Stephen will orchestrate a spectacular entrance to the wedding breakfast, ensuring it's a moment to remember.

Close-Up Magic During Drinks Reception: As guests mingle and enjoy their drinks, Stephen will captivate them with his astonishing close-up magic, creating a buzz of excitement and wonder.


Table Magic at the Wedding Breakfast: Enhance the dining experience with Stephen's table-side magic. Guests will be treated to incredible illusions and charming entertainment between courses.


Pre-Speech Magic Show: Before the speeches begin, Stephen will energize the room with a captivating magic show, perfectly setting the stage for the speakers to follow.


Introductions for Speeches: Stephen will smoothly transition into introducing the speeches, ensuring a seamless flow and keeping the audience engaged.


Initial Discovery Meeting: Start with a personal in-person or Zoom meeting to discuss and align your wedding vision with Stephen's expertise.

Unlimited Planning Calls: Stay connected and fine-tune the details of your day with unlimited planning calls. Professional PA System: Clear and high-quality announcements are guaranteed with the provided PA system.


Background Music via PA: The PA system can also be utilized to play ambient background music, enhancing the atmosphere throughout the reception and meal.


With Stephen's Half Day Emcee Package, your wedding reception will not only be a celebration but a magical journey that captivates and delights your guests, leaving them with memories they will cherish forever.

Golden Package: Just The Magic

Either the drinks reception, wedding breakfast, room changeover, or evening reception The perfect package for a set period of the day

Stephen will perform his family-friendly magic to all of your guests and fill any gaps during a set period of the day Includes a special performance for the bride and groom

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