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Frequently asked questions

How far will you travel?


I am based in the South and perform regularly across the South From as far as Cornwall and including many performances in London.


How much do you cost?


That all depends on a number of factors including the date, time and location. Weekdays I offer a discounted rate and weekend are peak times. Travel is not an additional cost unless it is further than 100 miles from my home near Southampton, in which case a small add on may be applied. Of course, the length of time and number of guests can also affect the cost and also the amount to ‘pre-work’ that needs to go into making the performance. I have set prices for a number of services but they are all flexible and bespoke to your event. The best way to find out what the cost will be for you event is to get in touch using the contact form and one of my team will get back to you.


Can we see you performing?


Absolutely! I have a number of videos on this website and also on my Youtube channel. I also have a touring show which may be coming to a place near you, where you can see my show on psychology and suggestion. Sometimes new clients will ask if I showcase my services at wedding fairs...unfortunately I very rarely do, this is because I generate a very large portion of my business via repeat booking and recommendations and do not have the need to showcase at wedding fairs to generate more business.


Where do your bookings come from?


The majority of my booking is from repeat bookings and recommendations. I am also signed up to online agency services like ‘Poptop’ and ‘Addtoevent’ which generates a small amount of bookings. Finally I get booking from organic searches online via my website from people looking for magician on google.


How long have you been performing?


I have been performing magic as long as I can remember. From the age of 6 I was a member of the local youth magical society and throughout my childhood performed at local events with them. As I got older and my passion grew I began my first paid performances when I was 14 and performed as often as I could around my local area at small events and gatherings. After attending university I began performing as a professional ‘full time magician’ and have been performing regularly ever since. I have been full time now for 7 years (as of 2019) and and performing for a total of nearly 20 years (wow that's a scary thought!)


Do you have public liability insurance?


Yes, I do. I’m fully covered by equity to the value of 10M.


Are you in the magic circle?


Yes, this was one of my more proud moments to be recognised by my peers as a quality performer and accepted into the magic circle. Being in the magic circle is something every magician aspires to, but only a handful actually get to be in.


Do you have video of you performing?


I have so many videos I have lost count! You will see many through this site, especially on the gallery page and also on my Youtube channel and Facebook page. One thing I have tried to do that many magicians don't is to film videos of full performances so clients know exactly what they are booking. You will find many magician only have a couple of ‘show reels’ which can be cleverly edited (which i have a few of as well!) but I feel it’s so important to have full length performances so you can see exactly what your getting.

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