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Stephen Simmons Magic: A Highlight to Your Prom Night


"A top-notch magician with a charismatic presence. Stephen's magic had us all laughing and gasping in awe throughout our prom!" - Emily, Prom Committee chairperson.

Every prom is special, but with Stephen Simmons, one of the UK's top magicians, your prom will be an event to remember. Stephen's unique blend of close-up magic, hypnotic performances, and mental manipulation guarantees to add an extra dose of excitement and thrill to your prom night.

Engage in the Stephen Simmons Magic Spectacle

Stephen's magic acts are not just performances; they are a complete entertainment package. With his captivating charm, witty humor, and breathtaking illusions, he ensures that every attendee is part of the entertainment. His knack for making everyone feel engaged and special is what distinguishes him.

Your prom night will be filled with laughter, gasps of surprise, and mesmerizing moments as Stephen, the award-winning magician and esteemed member of the Magic Circle, performs his renowned close-up magic right in front of you. With the 'Best Close-up and Stage Magician' accolade from the UK Enterprise Awards under his belt, Stephen's magic prowess is acknowledged and appreciated by industry experts.

Prom night magician

Breaking the Ice with Prom Magic

Magical entertainment is hard to beat. 

Getting everyone laughing

Breaking the ice

Bringing the party together

Concerned about awkward silences or trivial chit-chat at your prom? Stephen's magic is the perfect ice breaker. His performances stimulate discussions, incite laughter, and create a jovial and relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for prom entertainment.


"Stephen's performance at our prom was nothing short of magical. His tricks were amazing, and his humor kept us entertained all night!" - Darren O'Connor, head of 6th form. 

Creating Cherished Memories with Stephen Simmons Magic

Stephen's magic is not easily forgotten. His magic for proms kindles shared moments of surprise and joy that make the night truly distinctive. It's not just about the tricks and the illusions, but also the lasting memories they form. Stephen's magic will be a cherished part of your prom night, creating an event that everyone will remember fondly.

Plan Your Perfect Prom with Stephen Simmons

Organizing a prom can be challenging, but with Stephen Simmons, the premier UK magician, you're assured of a night of exhilarating entertainment that will be talked about for years. Contact Stephen today to find out how he can make your prom night an event that surpasses all expectations.

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