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Gosport  Magician For Hire

Your search for a 'Gosport magician' has led you to this page! 

Stephen is one of the few professional magicians in Gosport and If you are looking for a Gosport magician who can entertain and thrill your guests your in the right place! 

We wont bore you with the '150 5 star reviews' or the 'member of the magic circle' - instead choose your type of event from the options below and see the event specific details. Then, if you would like to know more about  how Stephen can be your Gosport magician, get in touch! 

Stephen Specialises in being a wedding magician, Corporate magician and a Christmas party magician - but performs for a whole range of events.

Whats your event.? the images below.

Choose your event...

I would highly recommend Stephen to anybody who wanted to make their party, corporate or social event stand out in their guest's memories” 

Val Wallace

Close up magician Gosport

Gosport close up magician will be the perfect addition to your Gosport event. With services ranging from weddings to corporate events, having Stephen as your close up magician in Gosport is Guaranteed to make your event stand out and go down a storm with your guests.


A close up magician will perform miracles right in front of your eyes. Stephens close up magic is like the type you see on TV, if it wasn't for the fact you are one on one with the Gosport magician, you would say it was camera tricks! Stephen has over 150 5 star reviews so you know that he is regarded as one of the best close up magicians in Gosport, and as a member of the magic circle can can rest easy knowing you are getting one of the be

A table magician in Gosport if the perfect way to share magic whilst guests are seated. Ideal for Galas, wedding breakfasts and balls, this Gosport table magician will delight your guests and perform mini shows for each table lasting between 5 and 10 minutes. Stephen will work the room ensuring every tables has a magical experience.

The benefits of having a table magician in Gosport if that this personal form of entertainment can fill any lulls between courses, whilst guests wait for food, and after the dinner whilst plates are being cleared/ For larger events there may will be a long period of time difference between the first table served and the last and service is often staggered. With Stephen you know that there is something still going on building a buzz and generating a talking point. 

So if you are hosting an event where guest may be seated, Stephen is one of the best Tables magicians in Gosport to invest in. 

  • How much does a London magician cost to hire?
    A good London magician will charge anywhere from £400-£800 for close up magic depending on the length of time needed and the type of event. Peak times like weekends will cost more than weekdays.
  • Who is the best magician in London?
    Stephen Simmons is seen by many as one of the top magicians in London. He has over 300 5 star reviews across all of his platforms and is super busy, performing at around 200 events per year.
  • Do you do children's magic?
    Stephen is not a London Children's magician. However, if children are present at your London event he always has a few special bits for them! Stephens magic acts are family friendly so all guests no matter the age can enjoy the magic performances.
  • Are there any additional fees?
    There will never be any extra costs once the quote has been provided.
  • How do I book you? / what's the booking process?
    It's a simple 3 step process. First you accept the quote we send to you via email, sign the performance agreement and make a small pre-payment to secure the date. we then send across a short questionnaire to get the finer details of the booking. The whole process should not take longer than a few minutes.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    We take a small deposit between £100 - £150 (depending on the event and the package you have booked. The balance is then due 30 days prior to the date of the performance.
  • How far do you travel?
    Stephen performs all over the UK. Including London and the rest of the UK and Europe.
  • Do you work with other magicians?
    Yes! Stephen heads a team of the best magicians in London and can provide additional magicians if required. This is perfect for larger events.
  • Are you a member of the magic circle?
    Yes! Stephen has been a member for a number of years, so you know you will be in good hands when working with him.
  • What events are London magicians best suited for?
    Stephen Specializes in close up magic / table magic and larger stage performances. The perfect events are weddings, corporate events such as award nights and private parties like birthday parties and Christmas celebrations.
  • Can a magician work alongside other forms of entertainment?
    Absolutely! Stephens’ Magic can perfectly complement other forms of entertainment that may be going on at your event including the Disco. Magic is very visual, and a good magician can add a sprinkle of entertainment to any situation.

Now don’t just think about it . . .

Call Stephen directly on 07758 873485

Or send him a message using the QUICK CONTACT form below

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