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If you are looking to hire a magician in Exeter Stephen Simmons will be a perfect choice.

Regarded by many as one of the best magicians in Exeter Stephen wows crowds at events such as weddings and corporate events. With Stephen as your Exeter entertainment, you can rest easy - Check out his hundreds of 5-star reviews HERE to see exactly why. 

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"I would highly recommend Stephen to anybody who wanted to make their party, corporate or social event stand out in their guests memories" - Val Wallace

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Exeter magician Stephen Simmons Exeter
Exeter magician Stephen Simmons Exeter
Exeter magician Stephen Simmons Exeter

Magician Exeter

When looking for an Exeter magician you will be looking for quality and professionalism. With so many Exeter magician advertising it can be hard to separate the good from the bad - which is why we have literally hours of performance footage for you to look at, as well as thousands of photos and hundreds a reviews and testimonials because we know you will want to see footage of the magician you are going to hire. 

Exeter magician Stephen Simons Exeter
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Table magician Exeter

An Exeter table magician is exactly what it sounds like - a magician who performs at the tables between courses. Imagine a quality magician floating around the room (not literally!!) and performing mini-shows at each table at the event, filling all of the lulls and giving guests personal and memorable moments of magic - perfect at an Exeter wedding, Exeter corporate events or an Exeter party.

"Stephen, thank you so much for all the work you did at our wedding! our guests loved you and were the perfect addition to our day! Thank you for making it so special, we couldn't have imagined it without you!"

Exeter wedding magician Stephen Simmons Exeter

Mix and mingle Magician Exeter

An Exeter mix and mingle magician can be the perfect addition to a drinks reception or any event where guests are standing and chatting - from networking events in Exeter, weddings or corporate events. The magician will, as the name suggests, mix and mingle with the guests performing amazing magic which will break the ice and create a fun and inviting atmosphere 

Exeter corporate magician Stephen Simmons Exeter

Close up magician Exeter

Close up magic is a term used to describe the magic that is performed close up as opposed to on a stage and this would normally be either mix and mingle magic or table magic is mentioned above. Stephen is a full-time Exeter close up magician and also a member of the world-famous magic circle. 

Exeter magician for hire

Magician for wedding Exeter

Stephen performance at around 75 weddings per year - that's an average of over 1 a week!

This means not only is he one of the most in-demand Exeter wedding magicians but also one of the most experienced and qualified magicians for weddings in Exeter around

Stephen offers all-inclusive wedding packages in Exeter - the best way to see full details is to check out the "wedding magician Exeter" page 

Magician for corporate events Exeter

Stephen specializes as a corporate magician Exeter and can provide the perfect entertainment for your corporate event. Check out the "corporate entertainment Exeter" page for full details of what's on offer. 

Party entertainer Exeter

If you are looking for party magicians in Exeter, Stephen caters for a range of events from birthday parties to any private events that could use a little extra magician - see more details on the "party magician Exeter" page

Prom entertainment ideas Exeter

Stephen is a professional prom magician in Exeter and has performed at all the top venues in Exeter providing close up mix and mingle magic. 

An Exeter prom magician will heighten your event to a level of pure class and your friends will thank you for providing a fantastic form of entertainment - check out the Exeter prom magicians page. 

Hire magician Exeter

Birthday party ideas Exeter adult. 

Having an Exeter birthday party magician for any celebration is going to leave your guests spellbound and congratulating you on your choice of Exeter entertainment. 

When looking for birthday party ideas Exeter Stephen really is a top choice - check out the "hire a magician for birthday parties" page. 

Christmas party entertainment Exeter

If you have been tasked with organizing your Christmas party you will want only the best to represent you or your company - Stephen is a Christmas party magician Exeter and performs at all the top Exter Christmas party venues each year - See our Exeter Christmas party magician page HERE for full details.  

Magician in Exeter

Cabernet magician Exeter

If you are looking for a stage magician in Exeter Stephen has a touring show, check out the stage magician Exeter page.

Magician for hire Exeter

Stephen can get booked up a long way in advance, which is why Stephen heads a team of the best Exeter magicians for you to choose from if he is already booked. This became needed because unfortunately many Exeter magicians put together good websites with fake testimonials and delusionally pitch themselves as professional magicians - With Stephens team of professional and magic circle member magicians you can be provided with only the best and quality assured Exeter magicians.



How much does an Exeter magician cost to hire?


A good Exeter magician will charge anywhere from £400-£800 for close up magic depending on the length of time needed and the type of event. Peak times like weekends will cost more than weekdays.


Who is the best magician in Exeter?


Stephen Simmons is seen by many as one of the top magicians in Exeter. He has over 300 5 star reviews across all of his platforms and is super busy, performing at around 200 events per year. 


Are you a member of the magic circle? 


Yes! Stephen has been a member for a number of years, so you know you will be in good hands when working with him. 


What events are Exeter magicians best suited for? 


Stephen Specializes in close up magic / table magic and larger stage performances. The perfect events are weddings, corporate events such as award nights and private parties like birthday parties and Christmas celebrations. 


Can a magician work alongside other forms of entertainment? 


Absolutely! Stephens’ Magic can perfectly complement other forms of entertainment that may be going on at your event including the Disco. Magic is very visual, and a good magician can add a sprinkle of entertainment to any situation.