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100% 5-star reviews

"What can I say, he was outstanding!"

"Stephen, the biggest thank you for entertaining us and our guests at our wedding, you were fantastic! So much better than I ever could have imagined! you left us all speechless and wondering how??? Our guests are still mentioning it now, it's nice to know they enjoyed it as much as we did. I'm so pleased we found you, it was just brilliant...Thank you again!" - Samantha and Christian

Wedding magician Stephen Simmons

Nearly all weddings have boring bits . . .
Don’t you want yours to be an exception?

There are lots of good reasons why so many people are choosing to have a magician at their wedding

There are also good reasons why Stephen Simmons is one of the most sought-after wedding magicians in the UK

Your guests will love you for finding an incredible entertainer

Stephen will love nothing more than getting everyone talking, laughing out loud and creating a

huge buzz at your wedding

And you will love being the center of attention at all the important points, and knowing your guests

are enjoying your special day to the max

“An amazing and professional show was performed by Stephen Simmons at our wedding ...Excellent mix and mingle package, which was a great way to start our reception. A true performer with a modern touch – had everyone amazed. Highly recommended.”

Watch the video below of a recent wedding, to get an idea of the difference Stephen Simmons will make to your wedding day

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“I really wish I could rate him more than five stars. He's got such a great personality and seems to
handle any situation with ease. The thing I kept hearing from everyone was ‘Lee, this guy is
blowing my mind!!!’ as I ran around making sure I'd seen all of the guests. At the end of the night,
he'd even prepared a special piece for me and my bride to finish the night off. I could not be happier
with what we got from Stephen. Thank you so much!”

What to expect...

Claire Hardington

"You were entertaining, fun sociable and everyone loved it!  it wouldn't have been the same without you!  Thank you so much" 

Simon Shaw

"Absolutely brilliant!  You left all of our wedding guests speechless. Best magician I have ever seen. I would highly recommend you!"

Em Brady

"Thank you for the fantastic work you did at our wedding... You were absolutely fantastic, friendly and everyone loved your magic! "

Wait, hypnosis as well?

to make your event exceptional

Awkward silences + small talk = boring event
Stephen Simmons + your guests = everyone having a fantastic time


Life’s too short to wait around … everyone will LOVE your event if the atmosphere’s great right from the start


Laughter, shrieks, gasps, and chatter – the only reactions you want to hear at your party


Making sure everyone remembers AND keeps talking about your event


Including Magic Circle membership and Best Close-up and Stage Magician from the UK Enterprise Awards – the experts know Stephen’s one of the best


Outstanding showman and first-class performer, with heaps of experience at weddings and other events – read personal reviews here


Don’t worry about your type of venue, number of guests or kind of event – Stephen’s done them all – just get in touch to see if he’s free for your date



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