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The Art of Close-Up Magic: An Intimate Encounter with the Mystical

 Close-up magician, Stephen Simmons, captivating an audience with a sleight of hand trick.

In the realm of magical performances, there's nothing quite as mesmerizing as the artistry of a close-up magician.

This blog will introduce you to the captivating world of close-up magic and the man who excels at it – Stephen Simmons.

What is a Close-Up Magician?

Stephen Simmons performing a close-up magic trick with cards.

A close-up magician, like Stephen Simmons, brings a unique intimacy to magic acts. Performing just inches away from the audience, these magicians specialise in intricate sleight of hand tricks, mental manipulations, and illusions that leave viewers in awe.

Stephen Simmons, a top UK magician and an award-winning member of the Magic Circle, has perfected the craft of close-up magic. His shows combine the thrill of magic with the personal touch of close-up performances, leaving audiences enthralled and mystified.

Close-Up Magic Performances Across Southern UK

Map showing Stephen Simmons’ performance locations across Southern UK, including London and Hampshire.

Whether you're looking for a wedding magician in Hampshire or a party magician in London, Stephen Simmons brings his unique magic acts to every corner of Southern UK. His close-up magic performances have become the highlight of private parties, corporate events, and weddings. The charm of his performances lies in their adaptability. His magic seamlessly integrates into any event, adding a layer of intrigue and wonder that keeps guests talking long after the event has ended.

Award-Winning Magic for Events

Stephen Simmons, the UK Enterprise Awards magician, receiving an award for his exceptional close-up magic.

Stephen Simmons isn’t just a professional close-up magician; he's an award-winning entertainer. Recognised as the UK Enterprise Awards magician, Stephen’s magic for events goes beyond simple tricks. His performances are full-blown spectacles that captivate audiences and make any event unforgettable.

More Than Just Magic

Stephen Simmons, an event host and magician, engaging with the audience at a corporate event.

Stephen is more than a close-up illusionist. He's also an experienced event host. His charismatic presence and engaging personality make him an ideal MC for any event, from corporate functions to private parties.

Experience the Magic

Astonished audience reacting to a close-up magic show by Stephen Simmons.

The real magic of a close-up magic show is in experiencing it firsthand. So why not bring the magic to your next event? Whether you're hosting a corporate event in Hampshire, a wedding in London, or a private party anywhere across Southern UK, Stephen Simmons can bring a touch of magic that your guests will never forget.

In the world of close-up magic, Stephen Simmons is a name you can trust. His combination of professional expertise, award-winning performances, and engaging personality ensures that every event is truly magical. Ready to bring the magic to your next event? Contact Stephen Simmons today.

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"What a fantastic performance!"

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"we cannot wait to have you back next year"


"Having you was the highlight of our wedding!"


"How the Hell did you do that?"


Stephen Simmons

Stephen Simmons Magic circle magician
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