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Where Are the Best wedding venues in Berkshire

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Stephens top wedding venues in Berkshire

With excellent transport links, a rolling countryside location, and beautiful décor, Berkshire is a popular choice for couples to get married. In case if you are interested in enjoying the wedding at countryside venues, it is good to compare the available options at Berkshire. A well-planned and creatively decorated site can create a magical feeling for your special day.

Most of the wedding venues at Berkshire are available with stunning views and ambiance. While exploring Berkshire, you can find wedding venues with vistas, rolling parkland, hotels, country houses, mansions, and many more. Below we have listed some of the best venues for your D-day. You can compare available options and then choose the best one to go-ahead for the special day:

Oakley Court
Photo credit: @KrisrinaKlochai

Couples that are interested in adding a WOW factor in their wedding arrangements are advised to choose Oakley Court. This site offers a more magical, whimsical, and utterly unforgettable experience to couples. Note that there are several historical monuments available on this property; the rich cultural wealth of this site can create a fairy-tale appeal for your special day. The 33-acre space at Oakley Court can be maintained and decorated right as per your choice. The professional service providers and elegant picturesque location can make your wedding images more memorable.

Photographer link: @kristinaklockai

Ufton Court

This amazing site is wedding celebrations is known for glorious British history and stunning countryside development. Ufton Court is simply a luxury solution for your special day gatherings. The magnificent and creative décor of this 16th-century barn offers an amazing solution for the reception. When you are ready to capture memorable marriage photographs, Ufton Court can serve your needs really well.

Photo credit: @Uftonweddings

Great House at Sonning

Are you interested in enjoying a destination wedding at Berkshire? Probably, it is the right time to book a stunning venue at the Great House at Sonning. This destination is located at an easily approachable site in Berkshire, and you will love the whimsical aura on the riverside. Furthermore, the Great House offers a fascinating exotic solution for the wedding while ensuring elegant suites for friends and guests. You can enjoy the marvelous interior and delicious food at this site with attractively decorated premises.

Photo credit: @The_great_house

Wasing Park

For those who are interested in enjoying a rustic and romantic barn wedding, Wasing Park can be one of the most wonderful solutions for your needs. This luxury wedding venue is surrounded by rural suburbs, which make it the most stunning choice for wedding pictures. The scenic and picturesque surroundings with artistic aura and imaginative appeal promise a fabulous barn wedding experience.

De vere

Here is a nestled site that is expanded in a large 40-acre parkland. This 18th-century mansion creates a stunning experience for couples that are interested in enjoying magnificent sites on the wedding day. De Vere Wokefield Estate can easily accommodate 500 wedding guests with comfortable and luxurious arrangements. Note that this wedding destination is loaded with monuments and landmarks from the 18th century; furthermore, lush green landscapes create picturesque details for your special day. Other than this, the modernist touch of exterior and interior décor can ensure a memorable experience on the wedding day.

Trunkwell house

Another great choice for wedding celebrations is Trunkwell House. This luxury hotel can be a versatile choice for your wedding. The best thing to know about this site is the team of dedicated and determined professionals that are always eager to serve clients with customized services. The wedding theme can be decided as per the unique demands of romantic couples. Whether you decide to enjoy a small cozy wedding or wish to create a splendid big event with your loved ones, Trunkwell House Hotel can be the best alternative for your needs.

Photo credit: @Marek (blue lily weddings)

Mill House Hotel

Here is another big name in the list of best wedding venues at Berkshire. This hotel is the most stunning venue for accommodating your friends and family members with full comfort. Whether you are interested in celebrating a small outdoor ceremony or wishing to go ahead with an intimate wedding, The Mill House Hotel can serve your needs better. The elegant site can be tailored as per the unique taste of the couple for the special day.

After going through the list of best wedding venues at Berkshire, you can now pick one of the most wonderful sites for the special celebration with near and dear ones. It can make your D-day more memorable and imaginative.

Photo credit: @millhousehotel

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