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What Services Do I Offer for Your Wedding?

What are the services that I offer for couples? Well, there are two main services that I offer. The first one is the Just Magic Package, and the second service is the Magical MC Package. These are two very distinct services, and I'm going to talk through the differences between them and what you can expect to receive for both.

Just Magic Packages

I have two magic packages:

  1. Single Magic Package: This would cover one particular set period of the day. Here are the options: Why I Don’t Charge by the Hour: I want to make sure that if there are any delays or alterations during the day, you can be confident that I’m going to be there for the duration. For example, if I’m booked to perform at the wedding ceremony and the venue staff are running a little bit behind, and everyone is supposed to be seated at three o’clock but it’s twenty past three and guests still aren’t seated, you can be confident I’ll be there right up until guests are positioned. I’m not going to be clock watching, so by not charging by the hour, this is a great way to overcome that problem.

  • Drinks Reception: This could be either straight after the ceremony up until the start of the meal.

  • During the Meal: From when guests are starting to be seated up until the end of the speeches.

  • Room Turnaround: After the meal, as the venue staff turn the room around, there’s a little bit of milling around in the bar area. I could be booked for that up until the evening reception starts.

  • Evening Reception: For a couple of hours into the evening reception as well.

  1. Double Magic Package: This is Just Magic times two. It would cover two sections of the day, usually the drinks reception and the meal. These are the two main periods of the day when I’m booked to perform. It ensures a continuous flow of close-up magic at the drinks reception and then tableside during the meal. It doesn’t include any of the MC duties. It’s purely close-up magic, building a buzz, and keeping everyone excited during those periods.

Magical MC Packages

Now, we have the MC side of things. There are two main packages:

  1. Half Day Package: This includes all the MC duties, the announcing duties, and the entertainment from the end of the ceremony up until the end of the meal. It covers a big chunk of time when most entertainment needs are required.

  2. Full Day Package: I am there before your guests even arrive, all the way until the end, maybe 45 minutes or so after the first dance. It covers absolutely everything. It’s the all bells and whistles, full-day entertainment solution.


These are the two branches of the services that I offer: the Just Magic Packages and the Magical MC Packages. Both are designed to make your wedding day magical and seamless. For more detailed information about what each package includes, be sure to check out my other videos and blog posts.

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