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What is my "finish the lyrics" game?

So, what is my "Finish the Lyrics" game? Well, this is a game that I started including in my wedding packages around four years ago, and it is one of the most popular activities that many of my clients request for their weddings. In fact, if a couple who is getting married sees me perform at another wedding, 80% of the time, they will specifically request to play this game. And that is because it is so much fun.

Now, of course, it's not for every wedding, and it completely depends on the vibe that you want for your wedding, but this is a great video to explain exactly what the game is, how it goes down, and the response that it gets. So it's called Finish the Lyrics. The aim of the game, as the name suggests, is to finish the lyric. It's a classic take on a game that used to be on cruise ships.

And I've put so many twists on it that it's almost a totally different game now. But the game starts and I go in front of everyone. I've got some background music happening and some energizing music. And I tell everyone in a moment, you are all going to be competing against each other table by table. Your table is now your team. And in a moment, the music is going to start. And when the music starts, everyone has to sing along to the music. Now there will be points awarded for the best dancing. There'll be points awarded for the best singing, and there'll be points awarded for the best enthusiasm during this stage. Now, at some point, the music is going to stop. Now when the music stops, it is your job to finish the lyric. Now, I normally nominate a couple of people to help me decide which table is finishing the lyrics most accurately.

Often it's a bartender, but either way, we are on hand to make sure that people are finishing the lyrics correctly. And what happens is when the music stops, every table just erupts into song. And because they're competing against each other, there's this friendly competition of volume and enthusiasm and just my way of getting people hyped up as well. But it just turns into a lovely group sing-along, and I award points for the most enthusiastic table. And also the table, I believe, has finished the lyrics most correctly. And then we go again, and there are three rounds to this. So the first round is 10 songs. Now the songs are only about 15 seconds of music, and then it cuts out, and then there's 10 seconds of finishing the lyrics. So the game in total lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on what else you've got going on.

And the free rounds look like this. The first round is table by table. And once we've done table by table, we go onto round number two, which is why just really start to hype everybody up a little bit more. And finally, round number three, we take one person from every table as their representative. And these people are asked to come up to the front and they compete against each other, but every table is there to encourage their teammate. And that is the round where everyone is just really losing it and having lots of fun. So this is, like I said, a really great alternative to something like the singing waiters. If you want your guests on their feet, dancing, cheering, having lots of fun, this is a game that's included within my packages for any of my mc roles. And honestly, it is so much fun. I absolutely love doing it. And yeah, I hope that answers any questions. A really simple game, a really fun game. It's just about building that community feel and adding something a little bit different to your wedding day.

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