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What is a Magical Emcee?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

What is a magical emcee explained

So, you are ready to get married? Like every bridal couple, you wish to have a grand wedding event that could leave several memories behind that you can talk about for years. That’s definitely a wonderful plan. But how to execute it?

Well, it is possible only if you hire a professional wedding magician emcee for the event.

These professionals know how to add more charm and joy to your wedding day celebrations while sharing responsibilities with the bridal couple and their family.

When you are interested to spice up your wedding ceremony with the beauty of magic, Stephen Simmons can be the best choice for the day.

We all know that weddings have the same boring events and some common rituals. Still, the bridal couple wants to have special memories from their wedding day. It is possible only if you find a way to entertainment among all the events. Stephen Simmons is known to lead wedding ceremonies with his own touch of magic that promises incredible entertainment.

You are likely to have guests of all age groups at the event and it often gets difficult to keep running everything smoothly while ensuring that everyone feels entertained. When you hand over the mic to a friend or relative, they may not succeed to capture the attention of all types of audience. Therefore, it is advised to hire a professional emcee who can make everyone feel comfortable at the event.

What is a magical emcee?

As the name indicates, a magical emcee is a combination of a professional host and a creative magician. Interaction between a magician and the guests at your event can create the best kick start on your special day. They can make the entire crowd feel pumped with louder moments of laughter. Their creativity and magic create hype at the event while making the gathering more exciting for people from all age groups, cultural backgrounds, and ethnicity.

From the long past, you might have seen a wedding emcee as an outdated old man wearing a red suit who keeps on banging a gavel from time to time. Even the imagination of that scene sounds boring. The new generation demands fun and entertainment on their special day and it is possible only if you consider the services of a modern age magical emcee.

When you are interested to create a personalized and stunning feel at the event; hiring a professional magical emcee is a must. The wedding budget planner makes sure that everything runs smoothly at the event and as per plan.

There is no doubt to say that wedding is one of the most important days of our life. On this day, it is important to have a memorable experience. The magical emcee takes responsibility to maintain the spotlight on you while ensuring that guests find a joyful and relaxing atmosphere at your wedding.

Here we have listed a few points how a magician master of ceremonies can be the perfect choice for your wedding:

  • Great entertainment

A magical emcee is one who can make the crowd go crazy with their unique magical tricks. The professional will keep them engaged with how the liquid vanished from the glass and how he/she opened several locks around the body without a key. In simple words, a magical emcee can create an excellent start to the ceremony.

  • Bring laughter to the event

There are so many rituals that bridal couple has to perform on the wedding day. But the rest of the audience may feel bored in between. Before the guests feel lost between the drinks; a magical emcee can break the silence with his/her amazing tricks. They bring laughter to the event and charm to the room.

  • Organize games for guests

Although the bridal couple is the centre

of attraction for the wedding ceremony, your guests also deserve special service. The magical emcee can engage your guests in some fun games so that they can feel comfortable at your event. It will give guests a unique feeling and they will have something to talk about your wedding even after the event.

  • Memorable experience

The magical activities performed by a professional wedding emcee can make your special day memorable for all the guests in the long run. They maintain an adequate flow of the events at the ceremony while making sure that every guest enjoys the event to the max.

  • Customize the event

Another great advantage of hiring a professional mc for wedding is that these professionals can add a customized touch to the event. Depending upon the theme of the wedding function or party, they can control the flow of the event with unique activities. Their magical show can capture the attention of kids and elderly members as well.

  • Create good atmosphere

An experienced emcee can create a positive and fun-filled atmosphere on the premises. They make all the guests feel delighted by sharing some great experiences. Trained magical emcees work more like mind twisters and they can give a pure touch of laughter to the event.

  • Spread smiles

People don’t like to attend parties where everyone keeps looking at others strangely or no one is willing to talk to others. Although it is obvious to have people from different backgrounds, age groups, and demographics in wedding celebrations, the experienced emcees know how to connect them all. The magical emcee gives everyone an opportunity to interact and share smiles with each other.

  • Handle unexpected delays

The bridal couple needs to handle several rituals on their wedding day. But it is common to have some unexpected delays in-between and in this time, the guests may feel bored. The best idea is to hire a magical emcee for the event so that he/she can handle all the delays on your behalf. These experts can add special fillers to the celebration to continue the laughter all around.

  • Loved by all age groups

The best thing to know about magical emcees is that they can entertain everyone, irrespective of their age and background. Magicians are very popular among kids but they are equally loved by adults and the elderly as well. Their few simple tricks can make your wedding event memorable for everyone.

In order to avail all these advantages, you should hire a trained, experienced and famous emcee in the area. One of the best recommendations is Stephen Simmons who has received five-star ratings from all the previous clients for his outstanding tricks. This magical emcee is known to maintain special attraction in the celebrations while making the event more memorable for every attendee.

What are the special packages available with magical emcee Stephen Simmons?

Stephen Simmons is one of the best magical emcees who can supercharge your event with his outstanding acts. He welcomes guests with a unique style and handles all the announcements smoothly to ensure that everything happens perfectly well, at right time.

When you want to step ahead of the traditional red suit toastmaster at your wedding, hiring a magical emcee with a twist of comedy can add more value to your event. He guarantees lots of laughs, a smoothly running day, and mind-blowing magic for the gathering.

Stephen offers several packages to his clients for parties, ceremonies, and events. You can choose any of these options to lead your event in style:

Golden package:

Golden package includes only magic for a specific period of the day, either for the drinks reception, groom changeover, wedding breakfast, or during the evening reception. Stephen will do some family-friendly magical tricks in front of all your guests to fill the gap in the desired portion of the event. It may also include a special performance for the bridal couple. This is the most affordable package that anyone can have at the event.

Diamond package:

You can go ahead with the diamond package to welcome guests in style to lead their speeches. Stephen makes sure that everyone feels entertained during this session. The package usually includes greetings on the arrival of guests, announcements throughout the day, special magic during drinks session, wedding breakfast table magic, magic show before guest speeches, introduction to special guests delivering speeches, unlimited planning calls, and initial discovery meeting on zoom or in person. Other than this, the package also includes a PA system for announcements, which can be also used for running background music.

VIP package:

Right from the arrival of family and friends to the special bridal dance, Stephen will stay in the event to make all necessary announcements and to introduce various speeches as well. With this VIP package, your magical emcee will take care of guests during the entire event. He will greet the guests, make announcements, perform magic, entertain evening guests, provide unlimited panning calls, optional hypnosis, and many other activities to maintain a smooth flow of the event.

To avail some of the most wonderful experiences to your guests on the wedding day, and to make this day more memorable for your entire life, you should now book an appointment with Stephen Sammons. He can add real charm, laughter, and magic to the entire event.


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