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Talk tv magician

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Stephen Simmons was invited to appear on the Xmas special LIVE at talk tv to perform his unque blend of magic and mind reading.

We wanted to share some of the highlights with you!

The performances started with a card effect - an impossible predictions

Then, steohen accedently turned into a mild lunatic LIVE on air...

The show then opened up the phone lines for callers to ask questions - one caller thought they could outsmart is what happened when one caller asked Stephen to guess the card he was thinking of....

Now any show has to finish with a bang, it's safe to say the presenters were not expecting what happens here...

We hope you enjoyed Stephen appearance - and...we have a secret we can share with you...

Stephen has now been commissioned to work with talk tv as the official "talk tv magician" and will appear once a week on Andre Walkers show.

We are so excited to start filming this week!

See more of Stephen's work here:

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