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Stephen attempts to Predict the world cup winner LIVE on BBC!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Did he do it? Find out below.

2 days before the start of the 2022 world cup Stephen Simmons the master magician appeared on BBC Solent and BBC Wiltshire. The challenge was simple:

Stephen Simmons at BBC radio Station

Can Stephen use his expert magical skills to correctly guess the world cup winner?

Never one to turn down a challenge, Stephen accepted.

First was his appearance on BBC Solent two days before the world cup began. After a flurry of magical effects that left presenter Alun Newman dumbfounded. He made his prediction and sealed it into a an envelope which was signed across the seal and looked after by the producers until after the big final.

Next it was off to BBC Wiltshire to repeat the process for a new audience.

Stephen Simmons at BBC Wiltshire Radio Station

One listener tweeted: "This magician is unbelievable".

Now as Stephens PA I may be bias, but I happen to agree!

He performed amazing prediction effects that left the whole studio shouting with excitement.

Again, Stephen sealed his prediction in an envelope and left it with the presenters. this is to ensure there is no trickery.

Then we wait...

Nail bitingly we all watch the amazing final.

Here is how it looked when The envelope was opened...

See more of Stephens work at

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