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How I beat procrastinating

I am a high end corporate entertainer and owner of one of the largest magicians agencies in The UK.

There are many way I use to juggle my businesses and keep on top of “my game” and stay focused

Being a business owner it’s important to keep “on task” and not let distractions sway your focus.

For me, this starts the night before…I keep a note pad by my bed so if any “ideas” or thoughts come to me during my resting time I can write it down and not let it overcrowd my head space during this down time. It’s there in the morning for when I need to pick up my work attitude.

Exercise has been extremely beneficial to me. It’s the first thing I do each morning - frankly I hate the action of exercise- but I love how it makes me feel later in the day. It gets the blood flowing and allows me to “wake up” faster. It shifts my mind from sleep to day.

I always try to eat a healthy breakfast - normally something small but it gets my body ready to go for the day - being healthy, fruit etc helps me to feel more alive.

I drop my son to school then on the return journey (around 20 minutes) I listen to a book summery using the “headway” app. It gets my in the “learning / business” mode ready for me to arrive in the office - it means I can squeeze in extra learning and help to generate ideas.

Arriving at the office I use music as an anchor to get myself in the “zone”. It’s the same song I start with each day…(Danny Byrd: selecta). By using this same song each day it acts as almost a theme tune - over time, you condition yourself brain to instantly associate the song with becoming motivated, you suddenly “switch on”.

During the day I start by creating a list of “to-dos” these are my essential tasks for the day. I then label them in the order of importance. And work my way through the list. I keep to one task at a time. This keeps me focused.

I use a timer for hard working. I work in 50 minute bursts with a 10 minute “break” each hour. This prevents me becoming bogged down. I use my 10 minutes to change my environment - this could be going to a different room and getting snacks, push ups, or a quick call. It’s important to do these tasks away from the “working” space. It gives my brain a chance to re group, re think, then once back into the working space it back to business and focus.

It’s important for my during my hard working time to block distractions - I set my phone into work mode, activate call forwarding to my PA and play music (soft) in the background during menial tasks and switch it off totally for more intense focused work.

Outside of the office, I meditate each evening for 20 minutes - this has a long term be positive impact. By being mindful as much as possible I can focus my thoughts where they need to be. I don’t get anywhere near as stressed as I used to (before practicing meditation, around 18 months ago) as I can control the thoughts and almost “look at myself and my thoughts from a spectators view”. Of course I still get stressed, and unfocused at times, but meditation helps me all throughout the day to get back on task should I stray from my focused work.

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