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When does the magician perform at your wedding?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what is the best time to have a magician perform during your big day. And the real answer is anytime! It really depends where you think its going to work best for you and your guests.

What ever time you decide to have a magician one thing is certain, as long as you invest in an experience and professional magician, that magician is going to leave behind a trail of astonishment, and have guests talking about your wedding for years to come.

A magician is not just there to entertain, but to solve some of the days big problems. After the ceremony its normally time for the photos to be taken of the bride and groom, unfortunately this can leave some guests milling about for an hour or two. A magician will interact with guests keeping the energy high during this time, so you can relax and get those awesome shots, knowing your guests are in good hands and being well looked after and entertained.

Stephen Simmons the wedding magician

The next time that a magician really fits in well is during the wedding breakfast. This is a time lots of people are sat around waiting for food, or meeting people for the first time. A magician will break the ice, get people talking, laughing, and fill the dead time before the food is served and in between courses.

Stephen Simmons the wedding magician

Next the room change over or time between wedding breakfast and the evening reception. This time creates a natural lull, and a magician is going to really start to re energising guests before the evenings party, and build a sense of excitement.

Finally its party time, and a professional magician can work harmoniously with any other types of entertainment you might have during the evening reception. This is going to make your wedding stand out with a form of entertainment that's personal and suitable for everyone.

Stephen Simmons the wedding magician

And if you are still unsure where a magician is going to fit into your day, check out what some of my previous brides and grooms have said.

For more information about how I can help make your day run more smoothly, contact me now at or email me

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"What a fantastic performance!"

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"we cannot wait to have you back next year"


"Having you was the highlight of our wedding!"


"How the Hell did you do that?"


Stephen Simmons

Stephen Simmons Magic circle magician
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