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How To Make Your Wedding Run Smoothly

The big wedding day- the one day of your life you have always been dreaming of and will remember for the rest of your life, right? But as it draws nearer, you are riddled with more and more anxiety.. yes, this is the day you're going to unite with the love of your life in the presence of family and friends, but when you look back at this beautiful day will you remember everything as absolutely perfect? You and your partner may have been planning this wedding for months down to the last detail, but still there will always be the anxiety if everything will go as planned and run smoothly. Therefore, to get a hold of your worries about the big day of your life, start getting prepared early on.

Plan Everything

The secret to having anything running smoothly is of course planning well ahead and considering all aspects beforehand. Divide all activities of the wedding day into timelines and then you have a planner in your hand. Talk to all vendors beforehand and see that they deliver perfectly in time and come early for the set-up. Always keep additional time in hand and start the preparations early.


Along with seating arrangements, and table decorations, have the guests well-informed on how to access the venue. Start the ceremony at least 15 minutes later than the invite time so all guests have time to reach even if someone is running late. A wedding is successful if the guests have a good time and appreciate your heartfelt effort. Therefore you have to make it visible by really putting an effort into making them comfortable and entertaining them.

Food and Drinks

The timings of consuming food or drink during a wedding reception is sometimes odd, especially if there is a longer time gap between the ceremony and the reception. For the morning wedding, often it is a late lunch and the post ceremony hour gets stretched. Have an array of exciting appetisers for the cocktail hour, before guests are served dinner. Regarding when to start serving the main course, also depends on the kind of food you are serving and the number of guests. Do plan with your caterer regarding the ideal timings for serving food as well as alcohol. Think of a menu that will pleasantly surprise the guests and will make the food worth talking about.


Most importantly, your guests need to be entertained. Often right after the ceremony, it can be a bit boring for the guests before dinner is served. That is an ideal time to bring in some entertainment to be enjoyed along with food and drink. Throughout the day, keep your guests engaged by adding an entertainer to your wedding. Besides making the reception memorable and exceptional, this will also stop the guests from dispersing during this time.

Once dessert is served, it's time for the guests to start dancing. By this time everything would have run smoothly, and everyone would be in a great mood for partying.

Now that you've got a perfectly timed plan for everything, it's time to stop worrying. Even if the schedule runs a little behind time, nothing is going to fall apart. Weddings do always get a little bit delayed anyway. You need to also adjust the timing with the present guests on that day itself. The best idea is to keep someone else in charge of the timeline once you have made them completely aware of your plan.

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