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When should my magician perform at my wedding?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Love this question, and of course there are many times a magician CAN perform, but I have found some are better than others.

With weddings there are a few slots during the day where a magician has a great impact.

When talking about close up wedding magic, Firstly is the wedding drinks reception which is normally when you and the groom have your photos taken... This leaves a few guests milling about with little to do, and so a magician gives guests a great talking point and breaks the ice. Its the perfect time for a magician to start bringing the two sides of the family together and build a buzz...I think it can really get the day off to a great start!

Take a look at this video to see the real impact it can have!

Then between courses at the meal is a great time for some magic, I will never perform whilst people eating...firstly because when people are hungry they care much more about their food than me, and if I was to perform at this time I have learnt from experience cracking jokes when people have their mouths full lead to food and wine being spat everywhere and it just descends into chaos. (probably not ideal for your wedding!)

However, between courses is perfect, and I work in such a way that I am in unison with the staff, and stay a couple of tables ahead of service. This means I am pretty much always performing and constantly entertaining...but as soon as the food arrives, I take my round of applause and swiftly move to the next table.

Check out some footage of a wedding drinks reception to see how it can really go down with your guests!

You also have the room change over time, this is the ideal time to keep the energy high. Normally, after the meal guests are full and can have an hour where they start to get a little bit lethargic - we don't want that on your wedding day!

A magician during this time will keep the energy going and bridge the gap between day and evening.

Finally is the wedding reception. You will find many magicians wont like performing the evening reception, this is because they are competing with the noise, darker conditions and more lively guests.

Personally I love performing the evening wedding reception, before focusing on weddings and corporate events I used to be a full time night club magician (wow, that was a long time ago!) and I love the hustle and bustle and have many effects that are perfect for this environment.

There is also the option of a stage style performance. Personally I perform a comedy magic and mind reading show, with full PA kit and equipment if needed.

When ever you choose to have a magician, one thing is certain - a magician is the best form of entertainment you can have at your wedding...ok I'm biased but I genuinely believe it to be true!

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