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When magic goes (horribly) wrong - top 5

Magic tricks gone wrong...

What happens when magic tricks go horribly wrong? You will see the worst of the worst in this post!

Firstly though, this is a question I am often asked when performing. Just what do you do when magic goes wrong?

Well, as a professional it never ever happens to me personally. OK, I lied, even though I perform magic at events for a living all around the country, and have over 20 years performing experience it still occasionally goes wrong.

Some tricks there are ways we, as magicians, can use our experience to wiggle our way out without it appearing to have gone wrong to the audience. However, sometimes a trick needs commitment, and sometimes that commitment does not pay off. But hey, sometimes we have to take risks right?

Well the videos and magicians you are about to see certainly wish it had paid off, ...unfortunately for them it didn't. Check out the videos and see why for yourself!

When magic goes horribly wrong - Nail through the hand.

There are countless videos of magicians who attempt this extremely dangerous stunt.

The idea is a nail is placed under a bag or a cup, mixed around and the magician has to work out which one the nail is NOT under - he normally does this by slamming his hand through the cup / bag hoping it does not have a nail under it...easy right?

I chose this video Because those of you who know Darren Brown know he is a master magician - so this just goes to show magic tricks go wrong for even the best magicians!

Warning - don't watch if you are squeamish!

When magic goes wrong - the suspense!

Next up, it's important as a magician to always check our props - if we don't...we might attempt to use them and only realise they are broken when it comes to performing the effect, like this unfortunate chap in the next video!

He attempts to do a famous chair suspension effect - however this effect did not leave anyone in suspense at all. It watches almost like a comedy act - its not!

When magic goes wrong death

There are many stories of magic tricks going wrong and causing death to the magician or to the assistant. Don't worry, no videos of that here! However, one of the most famous cases that has to be included is the case of Chung Ling Soo.

He was an american magician and used a Chinese character in his act. He performed the famous bullet catch live in front of an audience, a theatre of thousands. As you probably have guests by now it didn't go quite to plan and he was fatally shot.

The bullet catch is one of the most feared effects for magicians and has taken the lives of dozens of performers over the years.

Should have just stuck to the card tricks.

Here is a trick that gets the spectators really wet.

We all love being part of the magic tricks...but only if it works.

Paul Zenon, one of my favourite magicians, in fact even more so after watching this gem, attempted a trick, well a miracle really, floating above a person's head.

Unfortunately for everyone involved it didn't quite go to plan - but the spectator certainly got his revenge on poor Paul, as you will see towards the end of this video!

Magic trick goes wrong - on purpose?

Finally, we think back to the days of magic going wrong on purpose. Yes, believe it or not magicians do occasionally get tricks wrong on purpose because, well we know that you will find it hilarious. Think Tommy cooper, as master of f***ing it up.

Well, here is one such video of two magicians performing a classic effect that goes “horribly wrong”

So if a magic trick goes wrong, please be gentle on us magicians, we take risks in the hope of the risk paying off and creating a miracle!

If you have an event and you would like a magician who very rarely gets it wrong, and promises not to do attempt the bullet catch, by all means get in touch HERE.

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