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What Does A Wedding Emcee Do?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

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Whether you are planning to hire a professional or willing to take a favour from a friend; it is necessary to have the Master of Ceremonies (MC) or widely known as Emcee at your big day to keep everything running smoothly.

Wedding celebrations and receptions are some of the most exciting and memorable events. They are loaded with sentimental tears, well wishes, food, fun, and lots of dancing. With such a huge mix of events in the large gathering of families, friends, new in-laws, neighbours, and co-workers, things may appear quite chaotic. Therefore, in order to keep your ceremony moving in a timely and joyful manner, it is important to have an experienced Emcee at your wedding.

The Emcee at a wedding ceremony is usually the loudest person on the premises with a microphone in hand. Their main responsibility is to guide the guests in the event and inform them what is happening at the party and what more they can expect ahead. In most cases, Emcees make use of the sound equipment of the DJ or the bands in the reception to make various announcements from time to time. They are likely to:

  • Announce the special arrival of the couple.

  • Help guests and a bridal couple at the venue.

  • Introduce various speakers at the event.

  • Explain the sequence of various events.

  • Tell guests about meal service.

  • Announce cake cutting ceremony.

  • Announce the bridal dance.

  • Announce parent dances, dollar dance, and last dance.

  • Announce the tossing of the bouquet.

  • Inform guests about when they need to say farewell to a married couple.

The wedding organizer is also responsible to cooperate with the function coordinator and they make sure that everyone at the reception venue is prepared for the upcoming activity.

If you are planning your special day, you may be a little confused about whom to choose as your Emcee. Well, there are a few essential qualities of an Emcee that you need to check:

  • He/she must be well known to groom and bride; mainly to the family of the bride.

  • He/she can speak confidently so that things can keep moving smoothly with laughter, wherever suitable.

  • He/she must have a great sense of humour.

  • He/she must be a great public speaker and should have enough experience on how to manage such occasions.

  • He/she must have an extrovert personality and a strong voice.

Many times, the Maid of Honour or Best Man can become Emcee; but it is not always necessary that they have all desired characteristics. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional for this role.

What does an Emcee do at the wedding celebration?

For those who are interested to know more about what does an Emcee does at wedding functions, the article below may help you better. Here we have described various roles of Emcees that they may play at your special event:

  • They maintain focus on the bridegroom

All the time, throughout the reception, the bridal couple must appear as the main attraction of the event. Although wedding MC is responsible for making all the announcements and arrangements about every happening in event, they should not catch unnecessary attention. Even if the Emcee is a good singer, he should take up the mike only if it is adding value to the event and is suitable for the purpose of the event. The best Emcees take opinions from the bride-groom and their close family members about how they want the event to run. They make similar arrangements to ensure that this big day event turns out to be more beautiful and memorable. The trained and experienced Emcees are flexible and adaptable; therefore, it gets easier to run such a big event in their presence.

  • They maintain the flow of the event

An Emcee holds charge of the event and stay always around to make sure things are happening well and in a pre-decided sequence. They make sure that has to happen next and who will be holding the centre of attraction. Emcees also keep a check on the schedule sheet and keep on prompting people about when they have to get ready for their part. These professionals maintain the flow of the event and handle all the things that could otherwise cause interruption. Some of the most common examples of things they handle include whether people are ready for the speech, is cake ready with a knife, is band aware of the dance event, is a photographer present at the specific moments, and is everyone informed about what is happening next.

  • They are efficient communicators

Another important characteristic of Emcee is that they are great communicators and can easily connect with people from different backgrounds and ages. In a typical wedding, it is common to see the presence of different personalities ranging from aged relations, young teens, work colleagues, children, and babes in the arms of their mother. Moreover, you may find people from different religions, cultures, and socio-economic groups on the same floor. The best Emcee is capable enough to connect them all to the event without making any one of them feel bored. They know what to say at what time to capture the attention of all the audience and can divert all the focus to the ongoing special moment with ease. Their good communication skills make them the most essential part of the event.

  • They create variety in the event

Every wedding is different in its own way. It is common to see people from different religions, cultures, and demographics in the receptions. They expect a unique event to enjoy the day to the fullest. Moreover, the bride-groom is always eager to have slightly different vibes on their special day. Nobody likes to have a common arrangement on the most important day of their life. In this scenario, the wedding Emcees hold big responsibilities to make the celebration a successful event while ensuring complete entertainment to every member present at the venue. Only trained and experienced Emcees can achieve this goal by adding variety to the event.

  • They establish a link between people and event

A wedding reception is likely to have so many things on schedule and an Emcee is the central link point to all the events. They work as the first point of contact for the function staff, caterers, entertainers, DJs, photographers, and guests. The bride-groom expects Emcees to establish an essential link between people and the event while ensuring that everyone feels entertained. Emcees are more like a buffer who need to do months of preparation to make the wedding reception a complete success. They need to stay in touch with the bridal couple to plan everything and execute things well on time, without interruptions.

  • They add emotions to the event

A good Emcee is expected to add emotions to the event. This is why the Emcee is desired to hold a close connection with the bridal couple and their close family members. It helps them to add a special touch to every celebration going on. A good Emcee can create special memories from every small moment in the wedding celebration. They know how to add fun and laughter to the events. At the same time, they are efficient at putting emotions while introducing key people. Emcees are trained to add a special message to every speech so that the gathering can connect to every happening right from their hearts. These experts also stay very careful with the humor and make sure that the jokes have good taste and do not end up offending anyone on this special occasion.

In order to ensure that everything goes as per the planning and desired flow, you need to be very careful while choosing your Emcee. It is not just about the ability to speak in front of people; rather, this person needs to hold the talent to capture everyone’s eyes. A professional mc for wedding knows where to put more focus and how to keep everyone entertained at the event. He makes the bridal couple feel more special on their wedding day while keeping all the guests updated with the happenings. It is always good to look for an experienced and trained professional to become Emcee on your wedding day. They must be able to handle all the pressure and stay calm throughout the event to ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

At the same time, you need to ensure that your selected Emcee is good at controlling different things with multiple staff members and people in the event. They must be good communicators who can speak up all the necessary things confidently and clearly. You can start by taking advice from your family members or friends. It is also good to check the reviews of the service providers to ensure that they have done some good events in the past and have enough experience to lead your ceremony. It is also necessary to discuss all your requirements and expectations with the Emcee in advance so that they can plan things accordingly.

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