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The most dangerous magic effect I do

Those who know me know I have always been fascinated by magic that surprises and entertains audiences.

One of my favorite effects to perform is what I call...the "nail". In this effect a large nail is hidden under one of several paper cups and mixed on the floor (when I am not looking). I then take off my shoe and bare foot stamp on the cups! Of course I am attempting to avoid the one with the nail underneath. It's a thrilling moment for both me and the audience.

I use a combination of psychological principles in my acts and this is my way of putting my "foot" on the line. I must read the audience to determine where the nail lies.

This effect always gets a great reaction from the audience. However, it can also be very dangerous if I am not careful. There have been two occasions where I have stomped on the cup with the nail underneath (ouch!!!) and it was certainly bloody painful!

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"What a fantastic performance!"

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"we cannot wait to have you back next year"


"Having you was the highlight of our wedding!"


"How the Hell did you do that?"


Stephen Simmons

Stephen Simmons Magic circle magician
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