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Stephens 7 magic ingredients to exceptional events

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Stephens top skills
Top Skills magical entertainment

Stephen gives you his 7 top skills that will make your event exceptional.

Over the past 10 years working as a professional magician, mind reader and hypnotist, Stephen has learnt that its not all about just performing magic tricks, its really so much more than that.

What can appear as simply fantastic magic, really has many elements that all go together to create the best possible event.

Here Stephen breaks down his top picks of skills needed to be a great magician and really make events stand out.

1. ICE BREAKER Awkward silences + small talk = boring event Stephen Simmons + your guests = everyone having a fantastic time

2. PARTY STARTER Life’s too short to wait around … everyone will LOVE your event if the atmosphere’s great right from the start

3. REACTION GRABBER Laughter, shrieks, gasps, and chatter – the only reactions you want to hear at your party

4. WOW GENERATOR Making sure everyone remembers AND keeps talking about your event

5. AWARD WINNER Including Magic Circle membership and Best Close-up and Stage Magician from the UK Enterprise Awards – the experts know Stephen’s one of the best

6. INDUSTRY EXPERT Outstanding showman and first-class performer, with heaps of experience at weddings and other events – read personal reviews here

7. SUPER-FLEXIBILITY Don’t worry about your type of venue, number of guests or kind of event – Stephen’s done them all – just get in touch to see if he’s free for your date


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