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The best Quirky wedding ideas!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Quirky wedding ideas

Do you want your wedding to be awesome without breaking the bank?

Are you looking for quirky, fun and memorable things that will get your guests talking?

If you answered yes...Here are some amazing quirky wedding ideas you can have totally awesome wedding additions without breaking the bank...

There are many ways you can add those ‘little extra’ things that make your day seem that bit more special for you and your guests and, with over 10 years experience as a full-time wedding magician I have seen some really awesome things to do, here are a few of my favorites.

Personalize bottles!


Some brides and grooms that have added the extra touch of personalizing things really makes whatever it is stand out. Personalized wine bottles, for example, with a story about how you met, or a funny story about the time your husband fell into a bush...whatever it is, it's a very nice talking point for having these personalized bottles on the tables during the meal.

Not just wine bottles, what about personalized juice bottles for the kids, Antibacterial bottles (for the super clean guests) or how about beer bottles for the drinks reception?

One thing, as you will see through this list that tends to dull weddings, is guests having nothing to talk about, personalised bottles could be a good start!

The wedding pub quiz.


Maybe you could have a ‘pubquiz’ or 'pop quiz' for your guests, hosted by the best man or wedding host, with the questions and trivia about the two of you. Each table works as a team and the winning table gets a special prize. It doesn’t have to be a long quiz, but it could certainly add an extra layer of fun for 15 minutes or so - wait for the grones and cheers as the answers are readout!

This is a sure way to get guests liven up, don't underestimate the power of the wedding pub quiz!

Have lawn games available


If you are hosting a summer wedding with the drinks reception outside. This will give guests something else to keep them entertained instead of just mingling. You could have french cricket, ring toss, badminton, giant Jenga - I have even seen a video game station in a small hut!

Depending on the venue type, if the weather does get wet, dont let that dampen your spirits, you can still bring most games inside and make a games room!

The Beer station


The lads will love the idea of a beer station, essentially a pour your own beer bar. You can have lots of varieties available and guests are able to pour their own beers - its small touch, but I have seen this generate a lot of conversation as guests compare beers, talk about the different types and have competitions over who can pour the perfect pint.

The midnight feast

One thing that’s actually gone down really well - the midnight feast. Essentially this is like a takeaway box that guests can take back to their hotel rooms. Just a simple burger and chips, pizza or something similar can really put the icing on the cake after a long day for your guests.

Guests will have been working up an appetite on the dancefloor - and just think, there is a reason kebab shops are so popular for people after a night out, and it is not like back home where your guests can just raid the fridge when they stumble back inside.

Don't let your guests go to sleep hungry, why not help there hang over with a midnight takeaway feast.

Super duper fun


So this is about not breaking the bank, but let’s be honest, I have no idea of your financial situation and so have no idea about your budget or what would break the bank, SOOOO….Funfair...Yes, I said it. I have been to more than a few weddings where fairground rides were present during the evening reception.

If you are really thinking about making this day all about your guests, and you get enjoyment from their enjoyment, this is for you. And actually, these days its a LOT cheaper than you might think if you have a local supplier.

Also, what about bouncy castles for the kids? Again local suppliers can offer these at a very reasonable price and it will keep the kids entertained for hours, which lets face it, its a good thing!

The touch-up Bar


The wedding day is a long day, and you will see in every ladies or gents toilet guests getting them selfs re-made up, straightening ties or applying more lipstick.

Hiring some professionals to set up a ‘touch up bar / Station’ to help with re curling hair, giving quick massages or any other small touch up - weddings by their nature have lots of photos being taken through the day, and guests will appreciate looking their best.

The after-party.


When the wedding has finished and the final song ends, the DJ starts to pack up and the bar hotel closes, many guests, especially the younger ones, just are not ready to give in at 12am.

If you are a young couple, you probably know that any good night out doesn’t end at midnight, and your friends will probably agree. It’s almost customary that some of the hardcore guests will leave and hit the town, find a local bar or even just congregate in one of the guest’s hotel room and drink the beers they brought in advance.

Why not utilize this situation and give an extra surprise to your guests by finding another space after the wedding and hosting a banging after party. Remember weddings are getting less and less traditional and this could be a perfect addition.

The kids entertainers


Kids get bored, its a fact, I have one. And weddings can be particularly boring for kids if they have nothing to do.

Kids don't really enjoy following mum and dad around all day and being on their best behaviour whilst mum and dad get a little tipsy, so, professional kids entertainers are an amazing way to let kids blow off steam throughout the day.

There are various age ranges and types of kids entertainment that can be catered for from the very young, where a fence off area will act more like a creche very babies and toddlers can play at will to the 5+ and older there are wedding kids entertainers who will dance and sing and play games with kids keeping them occupied and adults breathing space.

This can be a great option if you have a lot of kids and need a little quiet time during the speeches and such, and also allows adults to really enjoy the day, not have to chase there child around all day.

A magician…

Ok, sorry for this one, Yes I am a magician, but I genuinely belive its a great addition to any wedding...I wont force the idea on you...but why not have a look around this site to see what a magician can add to your day - check out more information HERE


The sweet cart.

It is what it is, but a great addition for children especially - along with / or in the place of a popcorn stand or ice cream cart - lovely little additions that not only act as a place for your sweet toothed guests to get a kick but also acts as a way of setting the tone of the wedding.

These have been a few of my personal favourites and I hope they act to inspire you for your wedding day!

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