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5 (VERY) famous people you didn't know were magicians!

This week marks Prince Charles 71st birthday - but what many people don't know is that price Charles is actually a member of the magic circle! He passed his exam in 1975, performing a version of the famous ‘cups and balls routine’ following in the footsteps of his uncle Earl Mountbatten who was also a member.

Prince Charles is unfortunately not available to hire, but you can always contact me instead!

This got me thinking about what A great post it would be to list some other famous people who you might not know are also fantastic magicians as well!

Neil Patric Harris

Neil Patric Harris has played many characters in films and on TV that have a passion for magic - from his character on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to his ‘Glee character’ who performed magic.

But maybe you did not know that Harris is a very adapt magician himself, having even performed many times on the Ellen and Johnathan Ross talk shows. In fact, he was even on the board of directors at the magic castle in los angeles, presented the world magic awards and even won an award himself: The Tannen's Magic Louis Award

Check out this video of him in action:

Muhammad Ali

Not only one of the best boxers of all time, but a pretty good magician too!

In fact Ali had at one point two ‘personal magicians’ - Yes, you read that right. He had two magicians who would often travel with him to teach him magic on the road, Ali would then perform his tricks to young fans, often in hospitals and schools.

So, as you can see from the video below, not only was Muhammed Ali a performer in the ring, but a performer of miracles as well!

Steve Martin

Steve martin is world famous for many things, but not all that many people know that he is a very good, and very funny magician.

I remember first seeing his act ‘The great Flydini’ as a child and it really did give my child brain a chuckle - In fact iv just watched it again, still chuckled! If you fancy a chuckle as well - I have been kind enough to link the video below. I'm not sure how much of this is actually classed as real “magic” but it certainly fulls into the category of comedy magic.

Steve Fry

The man, the myth and also the magician. Stephen fry is not only a magician but a member of the world famous magic circle (although I will be honest I have never seen him on club nights?)

Not only a brilliant mind, but a brilliant eye for miracles. Check out the video below of a wonderful trick on QI.

Johnny Carson

Possibly one of the world's most famous talk show hosts He is best known as the host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Carson received six Emmy Awards, the Television Academy's 1980 Governor's Award, and a 1985 Peabody Award.

So, he can talk the talk - but he can also walk...the magic tricks? He is a very talented sleight of hand artist and performed a few times during some of his TV appearances - below is one of the earliest and it shows his real talent for sleight of hand, it's a joy to watch! - Skip through the first minute or so to get to the juicy stuff!

So its unlikely you will be able to have any of these performers attend your event - but if your looking to add some magic to your wedding or corporate function contact me now!

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