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An AWARD winning magician

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Stephen Simmons is an award winning magician
Award winning magician

We asked our self's a few questions...Who is the number 1 magician in the world?

Who is the world's greatest magician?

Who is the best magician in the UK?

Well all of these questions are debatable, What we do know though, is that Stephen Simmons has secured himself again, as one of the top magicians in the UK for corporate events.

Last month, Stephen was crowned the winner of the SME’s UK enterprise awards - “Most entertaining and close up magician” - South east UK

This highly prestigious awarding body, decided after a long process that Stephen Simmons was the best fit for this award.

The judges said: “His knack for entertainment is matched only by his skills with his hands. Stephen Brings a freshness to the talent of the magic industry, and his approach is as cheeky as it is charming: as fluid as it is fearless. At all times however, Stephen places top priority on his professionalism and reliability in his performance. He always strives to make everyone feel welcome and included in his would not be wrong to place Stephen with some of the greats in the industry, such as Derren brown”.

Wow, what amazing feedback from the SME judges! Cheers for that.

Stephen Simmons award winning magician
Award winning magician - Stephen simmons

Stephen said: “I’m hugely grateful to everyone involved in the process, Firstly my team that I surround myself with, they are the backbone, my clients for providing fantastic feedback and having continued faith in my services which has allowed my to grow and develop over the years, and of course the judges for seeing the work and effort that has gone into building my career, its always a treat to be recognised for hard work.”

Magic may look a little different this year, but that does not mean we have fact, we have almost as many shows as normal!

Have you seen our virtual shows? These are a great way to reward your staff for hard work, check out our blog about them HERE! Or out page about it HERE.

You could have a good magician, now you can have the “most entertaining stage and close up magician” - south east UK perform at your corporate event.

Stephen has also recently won another award, only last week...yes its true! Check out out blog about it HERE

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"we cannot wait to have you back next year"


"Having you was the highlight of our wedding!"


"How the Hell did you do that?"


Stephen Simmons

Stephen Simmons Magic circle magician
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