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5 Horrendous things that will RUIN your wedding day - See how to stop it happening here

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

I have been a part of over 300 bride and grooms weddings over the last 10 years, and have found many things that can quite literally ruin your wedding day! I'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen at yours, so here is my top 5 wedding catastrophes and how to avoid them.

The weather.

We live in the UK, this means that even if you plan the perfect summer outdoor wedding, it might rain...It might pour in bucket loads!

It is important to have a plan B in place long before the wedding date that you would be equally happy with.

Ensure that your wedding venue can allow you to go indoors if needed as some will double book - ie book the indoors for one wedding and the outdoors for another so ensure they are not going to do this and you can have the option of an indoor wedding if needed.

Although rare, we do get storms in the UK. Gazebos and outdoor temporary structures can be wonderful places to get married, but in a storm - not so good.

Last year I performed at one of these outdoor structures during a storm and the whole room was shaking, the lights above was swinging, the side panels were falling over and the roof started to leak - the venue didn't have anyway to move guests indoors and so guests where getting wet, scared at times and the roar of the rain and wind on the sides was so loud you could hardly hear yourself talk.

My advice, although these outdoor structures are great, just make sure there is another space if needed.

Crap photos (and other suppliers) - yes I said it!

This goes back to choosing the best suppliers. I have heard of “photographers” stealing pictures off the internet and using them on their website / social media etc and them providing rubbish photos on the day, meaning you lose all your memories - Although this is rare, it's not unheard off.

You cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to your wedding day so take the time to double check testimonials and reviews and ideally arrange a meeting with you main suppliers (unless you have full trust in them) - most suppliers will be more than happy to talk through everything you need to know.

Never just settle for email contact, it's easy for rubbish suppliers to hide behind an email and say the right things, but at the very least you should be chatting on the phone, this way you can really get a feel for this person / company and know if they can walk the walk.

When dealing with hair and make up, when booking these make sure you have a test run first so you can check the quality before your big day and every knows exactly what needs to happen on the day itself.

Drinking issues

Weddings and alcohol consumption go hand in hand. And there is no harm in you or your guests getting tipsy by the end! But, remember that with alcohol in excess problems can arise.

Firstly, at the most extreme you might have guests being sick in the toilets, staggering around the venue knocking over the kids, spilling drinks and smashing glasses, being rude to the staff or other guests, falling asleep on a chair in the corridors, getting angry.

So, to tackle this, serving food all day is a very good idea. This will help soak up that alcohol and help ensure things don't get ‘over the top’ by the end. Remember that at many weddings, guests will be drinking before even the ceremony starts - that's a long day of drinking. Make sure there is water as well as wine / bubbles on the tables during the drinks reception because sometimes just by having the water there will encourage it to be consumed.

Here what it could look like: Canopies during the drinks reception, full meal at the wedding breakfast, canapes during the room change over and food being served early in the evening - whether that's a large buffet, hog roast or something else, get it out early and make sure there is plenty to go around.

Bored guests.

Nothing kills the vibe of a wedding more than wedding guests scrolling through Facebook, staring out of a window or holding their head in their hands waiting for something to happen.

Lets face it, weddings are a long day for everyone. And lots of guests won't know many other guests...meaning awkward conversation ensues and plenty of small talk - before returning back to their group.

There are many periods during the day when the guests are left to their own devices such as the drinks reception when the photos are being taken many guests will simply be left in a bar area or similar with nothing to do. Between courses at the wedding breakfast, during the room change over time or even during the evening reception are all considered ‘lulls’ in proceedings.

Providing some form of entertainment during these times is essential if you want to keep guests off their phones and enjoying the day. There are many entertainment options available from singers, dancers, magicians, fireworks, photobooths, sax players and the list really does go on.

Never overlook the value of entertainment, because once guests are bored its very hard to snap them back out of it. The day should almost run like a moving theatre where at every stage there is something happening and guests can really look back and say: “now that was a great day!” and not just another boring wedding.

Suppliers don't turn up.

Yes it happens! I have been in the industry for over 10 years and I have heard it all, from car breakdowns, illness or even suppliers just not turn up with no communication at all and leaving everyone wondering “where on earth is the hog roast…”)

It can literally ruin your wedding day - which is why it's important to go with reliable suppliers. Yes, they will cost more, but trust me when I say it will cost you more when you pay, they don't show up and then they refuse to pay the money you gave them back, and you are left picking up the pieces and trying to run around after miserable guests.

There is a reason the best suppliers charge more, its because they have the experience and knowledge to ensure this cannot happen. They will arrive sometimes hours early to ensure that any delays are foreseen and they will be ready to start when they are booked for, even if that means hanging around. Cheap and inexperienced suppliers are the ones leaving everything until the last minute.

Real professional will have the connections and professionalism to ensure your day goes as it should. Let's say one supplier has had a bereavement in the family, OK, its sad for them, but it still shouldn't affect your wedding right? True professionals will have systems in place to find cover and replacements of equal quality and experience on short notice. Its also worth noting that pros will have less reasons to not turn up, for the bad ones - having a cold might be enough to pull a sickie, but not for the best ones, they will work through every obstacle to ensure you have the day you planned.

Never go with the first option with suppliers, shop around and go with who you feel you can trust from the way they speak to you and their testimonials. Its a good idea to ask to see a copy of the contract in advance as well. I have a contract that ensures if (in the extremely unlikely circumstance) I cannot attend due to ill health or serious family matters a magician will be found of equal quality and experience - no ifs or buts - this is signed by me to protect the wedding day. Fortunately I have only ever needed to do this once when my Granddad died.

So there we go, best wishes with your wedding planning and if there is anything I can help with please get in touch.

Stephen Simmons Wedding Emcee

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