Radio appearances 

Stephen is a regular performer on many radio stations across the UK and is highly experienced in creating radio-friendly magical performances that both hosts and listeners love. Check out some recent interviews/performances below. 

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Stephen also hosts a weekly show on Voice FM

Southampton Radio DJ

Stephen is back on BBC Radio 

Cornwall performing magic 

on the phone (due to the virus)

with Lawrence Reed

Stephen performs magic live in 

The BBC Solent Studio with

Sam Fraser

Stephen performs magic live in 

The BBC Berkshire Studio with

Bill Buckly

Stephen performs magic live in 

The BBC Solent studio as a part

of the "meet the expert" show

Stephen Talks about the effects

of the virus in a  phone

interview (due

to the lockdown) on 

BBC Berkshire with the lovely

Debbie McGee

Stephen is asked back onto 

The BBC Solent show "meet the

expert" and performs live magic 

in the studio for the second

time on this show. 

Stephen Performs live magic

in the Voice FM Studio during 

the launch of their new Studio. 

Stephen Joins Kirsten O' Brain

ON BBC radio Berkshire and 

performs magic live in the studio

Stephen Talks with Debbie

McCrory on the phone promoting

His show in Camborne, Cornwall.