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So...What is "virtual magic?"

What exactly is a "Virtual magician"

Humans, that’s most of us, are a connected bunch. A bunch of emotional, social creatures that depend on interaction with others. We used to hug, laugh, and cry together. We used to go out in packs of friends, family and colleagues to pubs, bars, social events, theatres and shows, Christmas was a bout staff parties, galas, award nights and balls...but you don't need me to remind you of that.

Most of us are starting to go stark crazy at the isolation. The social elements in the workplace have been reduced to a zoom call a day, and the lack of interaction after hours as we stay put at home. And now, with Christmas just around the corner, it's obvious that the traditional “party” to reward staff is well out of the window in the UK.

But does that mean we should write it off for the year, and hope that next year we can make up for it?

Take your staff for example, they have had a tough year, should they not be rewarded MORE this year?

That's why Stephen and I have created a new virtual Christmas party. A brilliant alternative.

What is it?

It's a form of entertainment that takes all the best bits of live and in person Christmas parties and puts it bang in the middle of the virtual sphere.

Fully interactive, Amazing and laugh out loud funny, from the comfort of the living room.

Your staff are front and centre, front row seats to the multi award winning magician and mind reader Stephen Simmons’ specially adapted Act (blow a trumpet).

Every single person in the audience gets involved - it's the perfect way to kick boredom in the teeth, bring back a sense of community within the organisation and it acts as a massive talking point, AND you get to see all your colleagues reactions to the miracles (and they literally are miracles).

This year has been hard for everyone. People in our industry have been really struggling, many having found all of their work dry up...almost over night. It's been hard for our customers and clients to find ways to keep up staff morale. and reward them for a difficult year.

As soon as we had the idea for a virtual show, we knew this was a creative solution to both problems.

Staff get the interaction they crave, business owners get to keep morel high, and we get to keep my head above water. It's a win/win.

Like everything, Stephen says he didn't go into this lightly. He didn't want to just throw a show together and hope for the best. He saw a few magicians put on a virtual type performance within weeks of lockdown. This is simply not possible to put on a high quality show. That is, in our opinion, a desperate bid to hustle some money and run. We wanted to create the perfect show for a virtual platform. A show that has all the punch of a live show.

Me and Stephen are extremely pleased with the service we can offer now. It's been months of scripting, rehearsals, learning the tech, creating the marketing bits, design work and all the other behind the scenes stuff.. But if you want to do a job you might as well do it right, right?

This show is not about Stephen, it's about the audience at home. It's fully interactive, meaning every single person is involved, right from the start! It's also a mind reading show, meaning no bunnies from boxes, top hats or other cheesy, old fashioned types of magic and there is not a deck of cards in sight!

Stephen uses the techniques of NLP, hypnosis, body reading, years of experience and a tiny bit of bullshit, to give the illusion of a sixth sense. Stephen reads your guests' minds, works out pin numbers, first kiss, names and many more incredible mind reading feats, all with a laugh and banter turned to 100%.

We have created two options, a virtual meeting booster:

Virtual meeting booster

And the Virtual party:

Virtual Christmas parties

Both are essentially a prop-less show. Just Stephen, the audience and everyone's minds connecting. This the purest and most difficult type of mentalism...but also the most powerful.

We have now performed around 10 virtual shows, it might not sound huge but...let's face it, 7 months ago we would have laughed at anyone asking for a virtual show, it was so far removed from reality, now it's all the rage! We are just at the start of the virtual journey, how long it will go on for I cannot answer, but what I can say is Stephen REALLY enjoys it. And I'll be the first to say I was not sure if It would work, but now, 10 shows down I buzz seeing the videos of them afterwards, seeing the audience laugh, cheer and shout and Stephen beaming to be back performing. It is after all, what he spend the last 20 years doing.

If you want more information about what we offer, drop us a message and we can give you the package information. You can also see a webpage with more information HERE

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