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This is how the Coronavirus WILL affect your wedding

Updated: May 3, 2020

All week clients and industry professionals have been asking me about how the Coronavirus will, if at all, affect their wedding.

There is no point hiding behind the illusion that Coronvirus isn’t going to affect things, because it will, whether we want to ignore it and hope it goes away or not.

At the same time, there is no need to panic!

To start though, You need only look at how it has affected other countries, more recently Italy to see the impact it is having on society as a whole, from yesterday closing schools, thousands of people being put into ‘self-isolation’ and even shutting down whole towns. It is looking like some of these measures will be taken in the UK, which quite rightly this has many people worried.

So firstly let’s look at a worst-case scenario. Having spent hours reading the government’s newly published ‘action plan’ I have learned exactly what measures they will take to help control the infection, and used this information to compile this guide on how it WILL have an impact on your wedding, and also how to take measures so it will have the littlest impact.

There are a lot of variables, firstly, we don’t know exactly when the large scale infection will happen, however, the government health minister publicly said today he expects between 40-80% of the UK population to become infected at some point, peaking in around 3 months time assuming it runs on the same trajectory here as in other counties.

The government policy is that if you become infected, you will at the minimum be asked to go into self-isolation, even if you only have mild symptoms. Now you might be thinking, well if I only have mild symptoms, the government wouldn’t be any the wiser if I had it not, right? Wrong.

The government tracks all recorded cases and actively test the people who were in contact with infected people, if you were in contact with a person they know to have contracted the illness, you may be asked to give a mandatory sample.

A few weeks ago the government raised its health alert to a level 4, which means they have the power to sample and quarantine anyone, and the term ‘self-quarantine’ is a forced quarantine regardless.

So, how can this affect your wedding?

Firstly, you or guests may be asked to self-quarantine at the time of the wedding, there may even be a country wide lockdown impossed.

Second, Travel restrictions may be put in place across the country, which may mean many guests will be unable to attend, or the wedding may have to be postponed. Although it’s possible only a small number of towns will be quarantined during the early stages of the spread to slow its progress and relaxed as the infection takes hold, it is looking likely that a country wide lockdown will be imposed at some point.

Public Travel could be limited due to under staffing, understaffed because of illness from infected employees, whether their symptoms are mild or not because as we read above anyone infected will be asked to self-quarantine.

With regards to the venue in the worst case, the venue may go into lockdown if an outbreak has been detected. We have seen many hotels and cruise ships across the world be put into instant lockdown if an outbreak of cases is confirmed.

At the lesser end if the only few cases are confirmed from a previous guest and the venues don’t go into lockdown it will be closed for a deep clean at the minimum and the staff will be asked to self isolate for 14 days if they came into contact with the infected person, meaning the venue may be closed for a period of time.

The above means you, or guests, suppliers, or the venue itself may not be able to attend the wedding, and it will definiatly be off if there is a lockdown.

There is also a gap in the supply chain, things like wedding dresses can often be made in china, well they simply will not arrive, so try to source everything locally.

However, we are British and we must accept this and carry on regardless right? Well, yes, but there are measures you can take to protect yourself financially in case the worst should happen, and also keep you, and your guests safe. I must stress that the actual chances of your wedding being CANCELLED is currently unknown, it’s more likely a few guests may not be able to attend, but some weddings WILL be cancelled, here is what to do if yours is.

Firstly, get wedding insurance.

You might not like the idea that the worst could happen and the whole day called off, but without scaremongering, its a real possibility for some if you are unfortunate to have an infection at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, of course, many weddings will go ahead fine, but you don’t want to be one of the weddings where it doesn’t, so being prepared is better than hoping.

Get wedding insurance that covered illness, venue closures, supplier illnesses, etc (make sure you ask the insurance specifically about the effect of the coronavirus and what it covers, don’t just take one out and hope, please ask the questions and make sure they will cover you) - and don’t wait, because its highly likely insurers will be changing their policy.

If the worst should happen, at least you can recoup your money and set another date for when things have improved, I know its not a good thought, but it is surely better than having to call off the wedding AND have lost thousands of pounds in the process.

Wash your hands.

If everyone in the country washed their hands every hour, this virus wouldn’t take hold in the UK at all, it’s that simple.

You may not be able to control other people’s actions, but you can control yours. It’s highly unlikely you will catch this illness in any other way than touching something that’s infected and then touching your eyes, mouth, or face, or being coughed at directly in the face.

Remember that it’s not the touching of the virus that gets you infected, its the virus entering through your body Orifices, or being in VERY close proximity to an infected person as the virus is airborne up to around 10 meters from the source of the cough.

Protect yourself and your family by washing your hands like you have OCD.

But, as mentioned the above is a worst-case. From my understanding it WILL have an impact across the country, it already is, but I don’t think it will bring the country to a standstil postponed can be moved to another date etc.

As a wedding magician, I have brought about a new policy that if your wedding is cancelled as a result of the coronavirus, you will have all your money back from me. Nearly all suppliers take a "booking payment" to secure the date in their diary and if you cancel the wedding that unfortunately is your problem and the supplier keeps the booking fee, but with me, and my updated policy you can be 100% confident I will either be at your wedding or in the unlikely case it’s cancelled you get your money back, so it’s risk-free!

If you are forced to change the date, if I’m free on the new date, we simply change the performance date, if I’m booked elsewhere, you get your FULL money back.

Unfortunately, I can’t make the virus disappear, but I can make smiles and laughter appear at your wedding!

If you want a quote get in touch HERE

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