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Why You Need a Magician for Your Corporate Event

Why You Need a Magician for Your Corporate Event

One of the things you frequently have to worry about while organising corporate events, is how to make it a little different or even memorable for your clients, or your staff who attend quite a lot of these kinds of events quite regularly. Therefore, the first thing you need to think about is how to incorporate something that is out of the box, entertaining and would make your guests remember the event and even keep talking about it to others. That's where I come in. By hiring a magician, you can truly take your event to the next level and make it unforgettable.

Product Launches

If you are organising a product launch event the first and foremost objective is to have your client remember your product. Now, remember again that they attend many such product launch parties, so there is obviously an extra mile that you need to go to make your product really stand out. I can make that happen for you. We can work together in coming up with the best strategies to include magic in your presentation of the product from doing magic tricks to planning some kind of souvenir for your clients. We don't forget something very easily if it has a good story, or a happy memory attached to it. Magic then, would be the most unexpected and therefore the most effective tool to make people remember your product with special importance. Your product combined with the power of magic to immediately fascinate people and draw them in can successfully achieve this important task.

Staff Parties

In case of staff parties to commemorate any kind of achievement in your company or while organising an annual event at the company, again magic can come in handy to really make an entertaining party where your staff can have a good time beyond just the food and drinks. For any good party, keeping the guests engaged and entertained is a priority and with this kind of a separate entertainment segment, your staff will rarely find it repetitive or monotonous, and would even look forward to these office parties.

Team Building

I also use magic for team building exercises such as events teaching basic magic tricks to your employees which can besides creating a fun break for them in between work, generate a strong sense of team building and inspire a healthy work environment that's friendly and constructive.

Trade Shows

Another great use of magic is of course in trade shows. With a magician by your side, naturally people will gravitate towards you and then you can have the chance to bedazzle them with your product backed by the enigmatic power of magic.

In conclusion, who doesn't like magic? So, if you want your corporate event to be out of the ordinary, entertaining, gripping and memorable, a corporate magician such as me will do the trick. As someone who has performed in hundreds of intimate corporate events in the last year alone, I know the kind of immediate effect it creates.

If you want to have more information about this or have some queries or need to hire me for your upcoming corporate event, feel free to contact me at www.stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk/corporate-magician

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