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Marriage is the step that you take towards lifetime of matrimony and bliss. Everyone has dreamt of their wedding day at least once in life! So, how was it in your dream? Perfect and smooth? But it is not case in real life! We are not trying to be harsh, but we think should be prepared for the worst. We know that you want it to be perfect and reading this post will help you in becoming smarter when it comes to dealing with suppliers. You are fortunate if you get to deal with ethical suppliers who don’t manipulate things but for the rest, here are things you should be aware of!

  1. The biggest portion of the budget of wedding is spent at wedding venue: The venue managers provide you the quote including cost of hiring the hall, decorations and catering. But, You can book your suppliers separately also. The venues will have contracts in place with various suppliers where they take a commission for recommending them to brides to be. The suppliers which you hire also might limit your choices to few venues and might insist you in taking one of them! It is because they have a tie-up with these venues and for the sake of extra commission, they influence you to book them. Save yourself from getting controlled. Remember that it is your special day and if you are not liking the wedding hall, or a supplier that the venue 'insists on' or you don’t think something will go with the theme of your party, then cut it off from your list. Remember its both the venues and suppliers way of getting extra commission. My best advice would be to speak to your friends and family members who have experience in their field. This is because most venues don’t tell you pinching terms until you pay advance booking amount. Also, never sign the contract without reading terms and conditions even if that eats up your time!

  2. Don’t disclose your budget and occasion in first meet: As a human being, we tend to be honest and our excitement reflects in our voice! As a result, we end up telling the suppliers that the bookings are intended for the occasion of wedding. A few suppliers are moral and ethical and will congratulate you and leave no stone unturned to make it memorable. While others would just find this occasion to mint money out of you! They will quote higher prices because it is ‘wedding’ and people tend to have higher budget for wedding as compared to any other occasion! Hence, it is important at times to play subtle and gather the quotes before you disclose the occasion.

  3. Save yourself from fake suppliers: Suppliers do have fresh ideas in their mind from their experience. They ensure that you have the perfect timing and enjoy your day more by leaving all worries on their responsible shoulders. They do charge for their services and apart from variable, deposit also consists of the prime component. More than just the amount, it is the security that you pay to hire them. If your vendor has not asked for security then it could be a question mark on the professionalism of the company. So, make sure you don’t fall into trap of fake suppliers.

We know suppliers may try to screw you, but we will never. Our goal is just to make your day as special as you are to each other and magical in both spirit and reality. The hundreds of 5 star reviews speak about my performance! Visit us at https://www.stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk/ for more details.

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