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Four reasons to have a magician for your corporate event

Updated: Jun 19, 2023


Corporate events can be formalised, and everyone looks, behave and interact in a quite poised manner. The reason behind this is the fact that you gather in an event with your colleagues. You don’t always share the same rapport with all your colleagues which end up in making the event formal. The main purpose of corporate events is to help you in gelling up with other employees and getting to know about culture of the organisation. We all are known for our performance in the office, but corporate events serve as a medium to network with people across divisions.

Stephen Simmons corporate event magician

It is important to set the tone of corporate event

It is natural to be little shy as you have your senior and junior managers there. Hence, it becomes more important to break the ice and lighten up the tone of the corporate event. This is because the experience of your guests is of paramount importance. The success of the event is measured through atmosphere created by your employees! Are you thinking of ways which can be entertaining and appealing to all your guests and fits in the limits of corporate events? How about some magic? Magicians are great when it comes to setting up the tone of the environment. They entice the shyest which makes them come out of their shell and enjoy to the utmost!

Stephen Simmons corporate event magician

It makes more sense when your guests are involved naturally

We have a specialisation when it comes to corporate events. It can be award nights, staff parties, Gala, Balls, product launch or an event marking completion of certain years! Since I am a magician, we have a natural ability to create a cohesive balance with other arrangements. This means you won’t even know but I will make myself comfortable and sneak into the vibe of the party. The end results? Your guests will naturally feel the buzz of the atmosphere which will radiate through their involvement! You will achieve your motto and they will have a memory to remember forever. They will always look forward to your corporate events.

Stephen Simmons corporate event magician

Magic can bring that extraordinary charm to your event

My acts are tricky and full of variety. This means that I work towards customising my acts for all sorts of events. I strongly believe that a good magician should have the capabilities to be flexible with content and customise the presentations to ensure they are right fit for the occasion. With the new and personalised routines, magic can inject that extraordinary charm to your event. Hiring a magician is an important decision as old and stale techniques will not excite your guests. Visit us at to know more about memorable events and testimonials of us.

Stephen Simmons corporate event magician

Magic can blend your guests in the theme of the party

Audience and performers need to have interaction to make the show eventful and entertaining. Magicians have an extraordinary ability to engage the audience by adding humour and personalising the magic effects. Magic catches your guests attention and that’s all saught for in corporate events as your guests could be highly engrossed in their smartphones! So, if you don’t want your crowd to just be physically present, then hiring a magician would be great way to uplift the entertainment quotient of your party!

Stephen Simmons corporate event magician

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