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Hacked hypnosis

For those who haven't seen I have a book out called Hacked Hypnosis. Its a blue print for magicians who want to use hypnosis at weddings and corporate events.

It took a long time to write but the reviews have been amazing!

Here is the insight:

Learn how Stephen uses hypnosis at his events to guarantee a standing ovation every time! Stephen is a full time professional magician and hypnotist and gives you the exact blueprint he uses at events to ensure a standing ovation at weddings and corporate parties by using hypnosis, every time. Stephen gives you his full routines that he uses to this day as well as methods and techniques that guarantee you cannot fail meaning you could be using his style of hypnosis right away! This should be brought to accompany and build on your pre existing skills. It is a book designed to create a show within your current walk around routines. "Superb book...this has my highest endorsement!" - James Brown, hypnotist "I realy enjoyed Stephen approach to hypnosis! He clearly cares about his audience. Refreshing and enjoyable." - Kieron Johnson "Hacked is a wonderfully written guide on using the minds of your spectators against them. The material taught is easy to follow and understand and with practice you will look like a master in hypnosis! Another must have from Stephen Simmons." - Richard John "If I had to relearn how to hypnotise this is how I would do it! No faff or fluff. This is a one stop shop to becoming the hypnotist you want to be. The perfect gateway resource for a magician!" "Stephen talks you through everything you need to know. You will lay the seeds and reap the benefits! Before you know it you will be using hypnosis at your gigs!" - Myles Thornton "I have often been bored or confused with long winded and rather esoteric methods that are very difficult to understand, leave alone practice. Well, if you want an easy to understand compilation of Hypnotic or Pseudo Hypnotic techniques in an easy to read format, look no further than Hacked. Stephen's book is based on his learning from some of the great names in modern day Hypnotic techniques and is written is plain language. What I really like about Hacked is that Stephen has tried and tested previously proven methods and has added his own blend of knowledge and skill and experience resulting in an excellent presentation of how to induce or bring about the belief in a person of being in a hypnotic state. A must read if you are trying Hypnosis for the very first time and also if you are a seasoned professional. It's also a fun read, even if you don't end up performing it !" - Colin Phillips M.M.C "I knew nothing about hypnosis, but like many of you, I've always been intrigued, if slightly scared! Having read this little book I feel confident that with the routines and work Stephen outlines I could give a good and entertaining performance of pseudo hypnosis. Stephen goes on to provide some good thoughts and guidance on taking it further in to forgetting and hallucination routines. I can't wait to work on those too. If you are interested in adding hypnosis to your performance skills and to your mix and mingle act this is a great book." - Thom Chesser "This is an no nonsense book that demonstrates you can perform a fat free Hypnotist Show, that is safe and entertaining, with little to no experience...I have never performed pseudo hypnosis, I can't wait to give it a try!" Doc strange - hypnotist “Received mine in the states on Monday. All I can say is wow! I’ve read through it twice now. I tried it out on my kids and holy crap! My wife freaked out. We have been together for 15 years (pretty much when I started magic) she knows ALL of my secrets. When something fools/freaks out I know I have something good. I got my daughter especially good with a foot stick. My wife immediately demanded to see the book! Thank you Stephen for such a great book! This was my first book or any information rather about hypnotism. This is great stuff!” Adam Patrick The areas covered are: Introduction What is hypnosis? Pregame Mindset and confidence The build up Suggestibility tests Language, confusion and linguistics Pseudo hypnosis - Never fail! Pseudo magnetic fingers Finger lock Pseudo trance Pseudo and real foot stick Group hypnosis routine 2nd foot lock Hand lock Forget numbers Forget names Constant laughing Hallucinations Bringing people out of hypnosis Putting it all together Safety advice Final thoughts 99 pages PDF - Please.join the Hacked - hypnosis support group on facebook!

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