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[7 great ideas and tips for your wedding]

So you're engaged and ready to get married? I have seen some brilliant ideas and picked up many tips at weddings over the years that can make your wedding stand out, and I'm here to share some of my favourites with you!

1. At the majority of weddings there is the wedding guests book that all your invitees sign and write a nice message. If you wanted to shake this up a little bit, consider a 'wish jar'. This can add a little more excitement and have guests thinking along different lines when writing their notes. All you will need is a nice looking jar, some slips of paper or lovely looking cards and pens, then your all set! Add a few flowers and candles on the jar table and your guests will love this as its almost a form of entertainment in it self, they will love filling these in during the drinks reception. (The guys over at Special occasioning gift ware have some great ideas on this! - https://www.specialoccasionsgiftware.co.uk/collections/wish-jars)

2. Here is some food for thought. If you are having younger guests then some snacks later in the night is always a big hit. Especially if your wedding breakfast is earlier in the day, say before 6, guest will start getting hungry later in the evening. This is a great way of giving guests a bit of extra energy for the late night partying and will stop guests leaving early to hit the drive through. Simple snacks, things on sticks or canapes will give guests that extra boost during what is a long day.

3. Of course its really nice that your uncles best friends sisters boyfriend is a university photography student, and of course it was lovely that he offered to do your photos for the day free of charge, but there is a reason suppliers cost what they do. If I have learnt anything from the years performing at weddings it's to not cut back and be economical with suppliers. If they cost more, there will often be a very good reason for it. Don't think about price for these, think about the impact they will have for your day. You will be glad you did when your supplier turns up on time, smelling of roses and doesn't start barking at your guests. The alternative will be a supplier whos 'car broke down' (yeah right, iv heard this so many times) is still hanging out of their arse from to many shots the night before, and didn't have time to shower so smells like fag butts, beers and last nights take away. For your show, go pro.

4. Don't haggle on price. When dealing with suppliers it can be very easy to think the cost are just for what you see. For example when I'm performing, in a nutshell you will see me turn up (smelling of roses,) absolutely wow your guests with mind blowing crazy magic, then ill say my goodbyes and leave. What you don't see is the time it takes for admin, marketing, office work, taking the suit to the dry cleaners once a week, setting up the props and effects needed, putting petrol in the car, driving to the event and so on. There is always more than just 'taking photos' or 'baking the cake'. If someone tried to haggle with me, I would pretty much instantly assume they cant afford me and move on to my next 40 enquiries for the day.

5. Get to know your suppliers! The people you have invested in to make your day special like the Photographer / rose smelling magician etc, would have done many many weddings, and they will be much more qualified than anyone else you know to advise on the day. They will always be willing to help plan the day and tell you how to make the best use of them. But its important to ASK THEM. If you don't ask you wont know, but you will be surprised by the contacts and knowledge they have that could be invaluable to your day.

6.One of my favourites is the wedding day #hashtag! As people take photos of the day have them all upload it to twitter under your hashtag! This way all the photos from guests are going to all be in one place and easily accessible to you and other guests. It is also a great way to add excitement in inspire guests to get some great shots!

So there we go, a few ideas and tips to get excited about! Now I did say there was 7 tips, the last one is to book me to perform for you and your guests ;) you wont be disappointed, check out this short video below to prove it!

For more info about what I offer at weddings CLICK HERE

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