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  • Stephen Simmons

An old street hustle game

One of the things I love is to study old street hustling and carnival games. I try to study them and then make them into an entertaining piece of magic to perform at events. Often these games were used to con people out of money using trickery and deception, essentially the person playing would never stand a chance of winning. Of course in my performances no money is involved, I try to present the games as a demonstration of how you could be caught out if you wann't paying close enough attention. Of course I always like to put my own twist on it ;)

The video in this post is based on an old hustle called thew 3 card Monte, or find the lady. Traditionally it was performed on a table but with the nature of my job I found a way to perform it standing up. This video was filmed at a recent wedding drinks reception in Wotton house.

Find out more about what I can do at www.stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk or facebook.com/stephensimmonsmagic

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