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Things to think about before investing in a magician for your wedding

There is so much a close up magician can add to your special day, it can be a great ice breaker, create a buzz and really get people in the party mood! However I am told all to often about horror stories where the magician didn't turn up, he was late or he stumbled and stuttered through his set, offending everyone on the way.

There tend to be three types of magician: 'The hobbyist' is a magician who performs for fun. Maybe they have seen a few DVD's or read a few books and shows a few good tricks at the bar. 'The weekend magician' will perform maybe once a week to make ends meet and bring in a little extra cash.. 'The true professional' will work many performances a week, in many environments and would have build up hundreds of hours extra performing experience than the other two – at your wedding, you want a true professional to ensure the best impact on your wedding!

There are a lot of very good magicians out there today who will provide top notch, quality entertainment. But there are bad ones as well. Here is how you can pick the right professional for you.

Check the videos! A professional magician will have 2 or more good show reels and many performance videos. Show reels are good, as it can give you the gist, but they can be heavily edited so be sure to check for live unedited video! This shows the performer is confident in his material and has no problems showing potential clients. You will be surprised how many weekend magician don't have a single live video and just have a few choice photos to music.

You must also check out the performers testimonials. In such a Competitive market, you ideally will want to see footage from a past client who is prepared to record a short video recommending the magician. If the magician is good and has really done his job well, it would not be hard for him or her to get a quick video testimonial from a client, in fact many offer! Also have a look at social media and see if there have been any comments made, don't just go on the website.

Check the experience. A lot can happen at a wedding, so you need a professional who has dealt with it all many times over, so whatever happens you wont have to worry! Unfortunately sometimes things do go slightly off plan, The food is delayed, the rooms is not ready on time, maybe the roof starts leaking or one of the guests has a few too many vodkas and has passed out in the corner and needs medical attention (yes I have had all of these happen.) An experienced magician will jump in and carry on performing regardless and keep your guests in high spirits, entertaining in any situation, in any environment and at any time. Look back through past photos. The magician should have hundreds if not thousands of photos from performances, along with many many videos and testimonials. Many magicians also raise their price under the guise of a “celebrity magician” – make sure there are real photos AND testimonials to back this, as I know many magicians who hang around a VIP area just to get that photo shot!


You also need to consider cost. The magicians fee can vary anywhere from a few hundred up to many thousands of pounds. A few things will affect the cost: The location, how far the magician have to travel. The length of time performing, normally between two and four hours. And the quality of the magician, it is true to some extent that you get what you pay for. Keep in mind that weekend weddings will be more expensive than weekday weddings, and experience professionals charge more!

Follow this advice and you should be fine! There are lots of great magicians out there who would be perfect for your wedding. If you want more information about what I can offer at your wedding please contact me at info@stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk or give me a call on 07758873485 and check out www.stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk

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