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Why you need a trade show magician

Why do companies want to hire me for their stall or stand? There are four main, simple reasons:

* To stop people walking by their booth.

* To help pre-qualify prospects and steer likely customers to the sales people

* To introduce the company and/or your product by weaving a sales message into a magic routine

* To create brand recognition and goodwill for the company

One of the most important thing I do is draw attention to your booth. I will make your booth stand out and give you the edge over your competitors. The first magic performed will be quick and visual magic to grab peoples attention.

Then I will pre qualify prospects. During my routines I will be getting names, company, job position and any other information that might be needed. I will have a discussion with the companies sales team before to understand what important information is needed.

Incorporating your company sales message and / or product is an important part of the trade show magicians job. Imagine the effect on your potential clients when your companies logo magically 'jumps' out of a phone – or a £5 note turns to a £50 when discussing the potential profits your company can bring. Think of the reactions when your business card appears like real magic! That a sure way to be remembered.

The company name will also be a big part of my performance, used frequently during my routine to create brand recognition. Even if potential clients don't buy there and then, they will have had an enjoyable experience at your stand and will remember your companies name!

A magician will be a huge benefit to either B2B trade shows or B2C – either way, at the end of the routine, I aim to hand over quality leads.

I'm so confident you will want to use me again, I'm offering a 75% introduction offer for the first time you use me.

Check out my website www.stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk or contact me now on info@stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk

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