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Why you need a magician at your wedding

If you are having a wedding you want it to be amazing! There are so many reasons to have a close up magician performing at your wedding. I could list 50! But I have thought hard about the 4 benefits and qualities I think my clients find the most important.


You want people to remember your wedding! Having a close up magician is the perfect ice breaker, it gives your guests a talking point and encourages socialising between new family members. A magician naturally adds a sense of excitement and will leave behind a trail of astonishment. If you choose the right magician, people will be talking about the magical entertainment at YOUR wedding for years!

These are the kind of reactions you can get with a magician:


A magician can entertain your guests during all the lulls! This can be whilst the photos are being taken, in between courses, during the wedding breakfast or the time between day and the evening reception. With a close up magician, you will be safe in the knowledge your guests will be truly entertained and looked after. A magician will wonder between groups and tables keeping the atmosphere fun whilst performing interactive and engaging miracles.

This is a short video of a quick trick filmed while the disco was being set up:


Hiring a magician should be stress free! A professional close up magician should have everything he needs on him. There will be no set up, room rearranging or extra space needed because he will mingle amongst your guests and perform to groups at the tables. The magician needs no introduction so he can start mingling as soon as the time is right, that could be immediately after the service when the bride, groom and family go to have photos taken, or in-between courses. A professional magician will know exactly when and where to perform to have the greatest impact on your guests and the smallest impact on the proceedings of the day.


A magician will be able to tailor his or her act for your event! Your magician should be able to entertain any age group from children to grandparents. The magician can perform tricks for any number of guests, and any number of tables, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the magic. The magician can work around your day and should be experienced in dealing with different situation and environments, be that outdoors, in the bar area or at the tables.

These are the kind of responses I get to my magic:

So you see a magician can really make the difference to your day, and it should all be stress free!

If you are getting married and want to contact me for more information about the packages I offer please send me a message now on info@stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk or see my website www.stephensimmonsmagic.co.uk

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