Top 5 famous magicians

Over the years I have been influenced by many magician who have helped shape my act. Here I present you with my top 5  famous magicians.


5. Penn and Teller


This pair of magicians are two of the hardest working entertainers in the world (equalled by David Copperfield perhaps). They are a household names always pushing the boundaries of entertainment. They have been on a huge amount of TV shows and are currently hosting their brilliant ‘fool us’ which is one of my favourite magic shows to watch!


4. Harry Houdini


Harry Houdini has earned his place in the history books as the first ever world famous magician. He came to the forefront of popular culture and his rise was perfectly timed with the instruction of mass media, he became the first global superstar.


What I love about Harry Houdini is his passion for entertainment. He was a true showman, at times risking his own life in order to build his profile and push the boundaries of what was thought possible.


Although more famously remember for his escapes, he was a fantastic magician and sleight of hand artist and used to bill himself as ‘the king of cards’ to packed out audiences.


3. Dynamo


Dynamo is a great magician and has a fantastic team around his who create some of the best TV magic we have ever seen. What Dynamo has done to the magic community is pick up where David Blaine left off.


He has got a true grasp of what will generate an amazing magic special for TV viewers and makes us at home feel like we are right there witnessing the magic.


What I also admire about him is his motivation to build his career and build his fame. In his book he speaks a lot about how he hustled and barged his way to the top...and very well deserved it was as well.


2. David Blaine


David Blaine revolutionised the way we see magicians on TV. Prior to Blaine, magic on TV was very much focused on the magician as we watched them performing wonderful effects...However Blaine, and his first TV special ‘mysterious stranger’ focused on the audiences reactions for the first time.


Amongst magicians this changed the way we entertain. Gone was the days of top hats and rabbits and now the focus was making the audience completely amazed and generating ‘scream reactions’ instead of gentle applause.


1. Derren Brown


Derren Brown tops my list at number one mainly due to his delivery and performance. There is no doubting he is one of the most skilled magicians in the UK if not the world, but where his secrets really lie is in the story telling and building emotions out of effects and drawing the audience in to a fantastic climax.


Derren uses not only magic tricks but also psychological tricks which obviously interests me as a psychological magician!


Derren is another magician who has revolutionised the way magic (and more specifically mind reading) is performed.