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Although Stephen performs all over the UK he grew up in Cornwall, just around the corner from Devon, and any excuse to visit Devon is more than OK in his book! 

Devon being one of the most beautiful places to have a wedding with stunning venues and wonderful backdrops makes it a glorious place for Stephen to perform magic. 

Over the years Stephen has been the magician at many of the top wedding venues in Devon and has build up a strong following there, with numerous performances all around Devon each year.

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Stephen has performed at lots of wedding venues in Dorset, but two that stand out are these: 

Rockbeare manor

There are many times to use a magician at your  wedding  and Stephen has done them all...a lot. This means Stephen knows exactly how to be put to best use during any time you wish to have him during your special day. Stephen will work with you to ensure he slots into your day seamlessly and more importantly, make you look like a rock-star for having him as your wedding magician. 

Drinks reception / Photographs

You might wish to have Stephen be your wedding magician During the Drinks reception / Photographs. This is an ideal time to build the energy of the guests and keep them entertained whilst the family photos and your photos as the bride and groom are taken. This is a time that you are away from the guests so it is vitally important you have an experienced wedding magician during this time to Break the ice and get the celebrations kicking off in style. 

Wedding breakfast

Having a wedding magician during the wedding breakfast is a great way to start conversations between new family members. Imagine looking across from your seats at the top table and seeing your guests excited and having a great time, enjoying the top class entertainment you have provided. This builds the energy in the room and creates an atmosphere of celebration which your guests will thank you for... how many weddings have you been to where your almost scared to talk! 

Room change over

Many weddings (but not all) will have a gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. This is a time that naturally creates a lull as guests are full from the meal and they are ushered into a space with little going on the an hour or so. Having a wedding magician will keep the positive vibes going by mixing and mingling with guests ensuring that guests become re energised and ready to party with you in the evening.  

Evening reception

We all know what this means! Its time to cut the cake, have the first dance and celebrate your marriage with those that are closest to you. It's also the time that the evening guests arrive. Having a magician, again, is the perfect way to start conversation and get those new guests into the wedding spirit. Stephen can greet them and perform some amazing (and we think slightly scary at times) magic, mind reading and hypnosis to get everyone into the party mood.

Stephen has had hundreds of positive reviews from many, MANY weddings which you can see on the recommendations page, or by checking out the video below for some video testimonials.

Claire Hardington 2018

"You were entertaining, fun sociable and everyone loved it!  it wouldn't have been the same without you!  Thank you so much" 

Simon Shaw 2017

"Absolutely brilliant!  You left all of our wedding guests speechless. Best magician I have ever seen. I would highly recommend you!"

"Thank you for the fantastic work you did at our wedding at the beginning of the month. You was absolutely fantastic, friendly and everyone loved your magic! "

Em Brady 2017

Stephen Performs for weddings all across the UK in places such as: Dorset - Devon - Sussex - Berkshire - Hampshire - London - Surrey - Southampton - Bristol