Cost of a magician

How much does a magician cost? 

Most magicians keep their prices, like their methods a closely guarded secret. So much so that it might seem the magician is trying to cover up there cost but price can vary depending on many circumstances such as day of the week, length of performance and number of guests.


Stephen Simmons is a magician for hire in the UK and you are probably on this page because you want to know “how much does it cost to hire a magician?”


This is a hard question to answer, to know the true cost of a magician there are many price ranges to consider and like any industry these vary depending on the skill level and experience of the magician for hire.


Based on a 2 hour performance, some magicians will work for free and a go on the buffet, especially if they are very new and looking to gain exposure and collect photos and testimonials in order to start their brand. These magicians will be ideas if you are hosting a charity event and are looking to keep costs to a minimal and the magician is quite likely to know some good tricks, but just be careful by getting to know the magician first.


The ‘average’ semi professional close up magician cost will lie somewhere between £200 - £350. These will very likely be good magicians but not running their business as a full time professional, and thus will lack the performing experience and professionalism as a full time magician.


A magician for hire that is a full time professional will be charging somewhere above £400. This is a whole new price bracket from here. The lower end full timers will be between £400 - £500. The cost to hire a magician who is considered very good, with local TV / radio appearances and a very busy schedule will be charging around £500-£700. Of course there are many magician who will charge more - these will be the magical elite, the magician who have years of reputation building and a large following. Some very high end magicians will be charging anywhere from £700 - £2000 for a 2 hour close up performance.


Wedding magician Prices - Birthday magician prices - corporate magician prices


The cost of a wedding magician, cost of a party magician and the cost of a corporate magician should not change depending on the event itself. Some magician will alter their prices depending on the event, but normally they will change for the number of guests and the length of time etc.


So in summary the cost of a close up magician for hire can vary, but you do get what you pay for!

Cost of a wedding magician:

Stephen does not inflate his prices for weddings, although some magicians do. Stephen offers a range of services that can be suitable for your wedding. with times ranging from an hour to a full day of magic. Of course Stephen doesn't just offer close up magic, but also the option of a stage magician as well. 

Cost of a corporate magician:

Stephen offers many different services for corporate event and prices will vary not only on the time performance, but also on the amount of work that need to go into creating a quality service. For example, the cost of hiring Stephen to perform at your trade show, with customised effects, printed giveaways and effects scripted to your company brand and image is going to cost more than a standard two hour performance at an award night. 

For your personalised quote at your next event, the best way to find out is to contact Stephen and give as much detail abouut the event as possible. You can go to the CONTACT page or use the form below and one of the team will get back to you. 

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How much to hire Magician Stephen Simmons?