Birthday party magician

If you are looking for a birthday party magician, you are looking in the right place! 

One thing to get out of the way first is to mention Stephen is not a kid's birthday party magician. Although Stephen has a great rapport with younger guests at events, Stephen's magic is aimed at adult and family parties.

There are special milestones in life we all want to mark in style and only happen a handful of times. Birthdays with a zero at the end, for example, are the perfect time to bring the family and friends together and mark the occasion with a quality birthday party.

Of course, the entertainment you provide is going to be the highlight of the event, and we can assume that by being on this page you are considering a birthday party magician! 

There is no better way to leave lasting memories in the minds of your guests than having an experienced magician 'wow' your friends and family. whether you're having a sit-down meal or buffet and music, Stephen has got you covered.

You may wish to have Stephen mix and mingle with guests if they are standing and perform at the tables if they are sitting...Or both! 

Maybe the best option could be a larger performance for the whole group with a stage performance. 

Snowflake software

"This is the 3rd year we have used Stephen and I'm pleased to say he still manages to amaze us with his insanely good magic...just the right balance of friendly and professionalism"

Dancing man

"Stephen is our first port of call when booking entertainment. aside from his impeccable professionalism and personable manner his tricks skills and magic are of the highest order"

KPMG Southampton

"Thank you for performing at our corporate event. Having you mix with the guests showing your unbelievable skills really topped off the evening wonderfully"

Hypnosis at your event?


Stephen falls into an elite category of corporate magicians. As well as being a top level slight of hand expert, physiological illusionist and mind reader, he is also a hypnotist. He has tailored his hypnosis skills over the past 5 years so that they are specifically designed for entertainment at Corporate. You will not find a better Corporate close up hypnotist than Stephen because he wrote the book on can buy it here: LINK TO BOOK

Stephen sells his book and gives lectures around the UK to budding magicians who want to learn how to be the best and not only use hypnosis to demonstrate this amazing skill but also how to make it entertaining for guests of all ages.

Of course hypnosis isn't for everyone so please rest assured he wont be running around your corporate event making people do silly things, this is an optional extra you may wish to include to your event if you feel it fits the tone. To really get an idea of what Stephens hypnosis looks like, there is a video below so you can see exactly how it might slip into your event. 

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