Do you want another night out or an evening you’ll remember forever? 


Stephen Simmons and Colin Phillips perform at high-class events across the country, but there’s nothing they enjoy more than raw, face-to-face entertainment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the world-class magician and mentalist live, up close and personal!

Shocking mind games, magic and illusions, laugh-out-loud entertainment and hypnosis.


This act is different from any other you will ever see. Prepare for the show that everyone keeps talking about!

You will see 2 shows in one, one from Colin and one from Stephen - each half last aprox 40-50 minutes 

“It’s been 6 weeks and still people are buzzing.” 

Buy tickets now for your mind-altering experience below.

“A truly talented showman. It was all everybody could talk about Monday morning.” 


Watch the videos of some performances, then sccroll down to buy your tickets. 

11th July 2012 - Bar 1932, Southampton

Real magic

15th July 2021 - Mangos, Ocean Village, Southampton

Real magic

25th July 2021 - Bar 1932, Southampton

Real magic

29th July 2021 - Concorde Club, Eastleigh 

Real magic